Starting my day aright

Wednesday, the 26th October, I had to take Ziim to the orthopedic hospital to get her   plastic braces to try to correct her  tip toeing.  Her feet are usually  stretched out in tip toe.  I usually do not wear them on her as often as I am told to, I am torn between wearing them always and probably getting  the feet in the correct position and not wearing them always and avoid weakening the  muscles and causing greater disability.  So to avoid wearing them always, I get the long ones that go all the way to the thigh so we use them when she goes on the standing frame. For months she has not been put on the frame because she has out grown her old braces and mother has been kind of lazy to go, not really lazy more like the braces have not topped the priority list.(think mum should get  a knock for this)

We did not have an appointment. I was in a good spirit, I just read a mail from a friend that started my day aright so I knew we will find luck. We left the CpCenter about 11 a.m, traffic   was unusually light such that in 15mins we were there. (did I not say we’ll find luck?).  As soon as we went in, I was about to ask for the man I saw the last time when somebody said; Hello madam, how are you? How are the children, those two you brought here last year?  I did not recognize the man, I had taken two children (Miss A and Master P)  there last year for the same thing.  I replied, they are fine thank you. So what can we do for you today, you brought another child from the CpCenter? Yes, this time my daughter. At that point the man we saw the last time Mr.Ed came in. Oh madam, this your daughter don grow well well! Yes oh, that’s why we are here, she’s out grown her braces and we want a new. Eiyaa.. that’s the thing about this condition, you have to keep making new ones as they grow.  How are the other children in the center? they are fine, we’ll soon come for replacement of theirs. Good, let’s quickly attend to you, I guess you want to get back for lunch. Ha how did you know? Hm.. the last time you were here that was what you said. So promptly I paid, he sent somebody to go buy the  materials needed to make the cast, shortly he was back, they did the cast and pronto we were done!! To come back next week for collection. See! And were back at the center for 1.30pm…..lunch time. Thanks JS for that your mail of yesterday, it sure started my day aright.

Was your day started aright?