Since Ziim I have come to know that happiness does not always come in truck loads. Often  it comes in those little little things that usually would have passed unnoticed,  like your baby lifting up h/her head on being prompted to or eating an  everyday meal.

Such was the happiness we shared with mummy Princess (one of the children we have in the center) yesterday at the Center. Her given name actually is not Princess, that’s what I call her, she looks so cute, so adorable that she can not be anything but a Princess.

Princess started in the CpCenter about four weeks ago. Before then her mother feeds her only cereal, (golden morn) breakfast lunch and super, she is a year and half. I asked the mother why Princess has to eat only cereal, she said that that is all she can eat, she has to put the food in a feeding bottle so it will be light as Princess has constant constipation. I asked if that helps, she is not sure but Princess can go for almost a week without bowel movement. I could immediately relate to that, it’s something Ziim battles with until recently. I tried to explained to her that constipation is one of the problems children with cp have, especially those that are spastic like Princess and Ziim, often times due to their spasticity, immobility, and that diet could be a contributory factor. We could change the diet, feed her regular food with lots of vegetable, fruits and fibre. But how will I do that,  she went, Princess isn’t chewing yet. Oh that’s simple, get the food to a mashed state such that we use spoon instead of feeding bottle.Then we make effort to “move” her constantly. I helped make a menu list; mashed sweet potatoes and fish/egg/chicken/liver, ewedu light eba, ( I never knew garri is high fibre, have your eyes on the ijebu ones), plantain and crayfish with lots of veg, beans and give her lots of water, avoid high sugar content food. In the center we try and sensitize Princess as much as we can, trying all sort ( talk about all the sorts some other day).

Yesterday,  mummy Princess came to pick her at close of the day, we told her that we borrowed another child’s diaper to change Princess when she popooed a second time as she had put only one. She went, aunty, God will bless you people here, I can not tell you how happy my husband and I are, do you know that XXX now shits like a normal person? OhI am so happy. I went, but Princess is normal, hm.. you know what I mean, before, for a week she would not do it and when she did, it is so strong and came out in pebbles, and she would have cried and cried but  now we just notice that she has done it. ha. modupe oh!! I thank God. We were all happy and thanked God with her. But as she left, I wondered at how “this” could be source of happiness!! But it is!!!

Who says happiness only comes when you win a lottery? Have you had any of these tiny winy sources of happiness recently? I will like to know.


One thought on “HAPPINESS

  1. […] those who came, apart from mummy Princess were quite late, she seems to still be floating in her Happiness on the positive changes she observes in her daughter. Actually, only the mothers of the children […]


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