It is Friday night, my angel Ziim is fast asleep, she has been for over two hours now. Hm.. this is Zimuzo, fast asleep at this hour!!! For a while now, it has been like this, eat  dinner at about 7.30p.m, take a bath shortly after, mum remembering to brush our teeth, and you could read her shouting, mummy please put me on the bed to sleep. By the time I lay her down, kiss her and sing it is well with Zim-zim, she is fast asleep!! I am here looking  back to the days when it took well over an hour to get her to sleep at night. Then I used to say that she fights sleep for that is what it was like. She would cry so much that I got confused. Today she sleeps effortlessly. My mother should hear this or even aunty R.

How she has changed improved progressed!!! I am thankful to God, for me this is huge. Earlier on, about 4.30p.m, I left her watching tv and drifted off to sleep. When I woke up about 45minutes later, I met her actually watching the tv!!! Hm… zimuzondu!!! really focusing on the tv  with rapt attention like they say. For a child the consultant at the Guinness eye center, LUTH told me is blind and nothing can be done about it!! I am thankful. I know you are a miracle, you are joy and I am thankful that you are mine.


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