It is past 5p.m, Ruky, Amin’s elder sister just walked in to pick her up. In a feigned anger I asked; why are you just coming to pick your sister? The Center closed since 4p.m. Please ma, I am sorry, my school closes at, I did not get transport on time. That is why you usually come late to pick her every day? Yes ma, I am sorry. What class are you in? JS3 ma. She walks to Amin, carries her and puts her in her back, using the wrapper to secure her. As they made to go, she says, bye ma. Bye Ruky, Amin aren’t you going to say bye bye to me? She smiles, says bye and WAVES bye!! I shut the door after them.  Earlier, Onyii, Prom’s sister had come to pick him. She usually comes early as her school is not far away from the Center.

As I got home, looking through my email, I realized it was thanksgiving day for the Americans. I visited the facebook page of a mum with a son with cerebral palsy; she was thanking God for her angel as she calls him, for the things she has gained through her son.  There is so much for me to thank God for about my daughter, but here now I want to thank Him for the lives of children He has changed through Ziim with me being a part of that change.

Prom was the first child to register in the Center last year, after Ziim that is. Before then, his two elder sisters alternated going to school, as in, Onyii goes today and the other sister kaka goes the next day. They do this so that someone would stay home with Prom as no school accepted him. Both his parents need to work or be seen to be doing so. For Amin, her elder sister Ruky missed one year of school to stay home with her, hoping that she would sit and walk so that she too may be accepted into a school. Today, Prom’s sisters go to school regularly, Amin’s sister has resumed school too. Both Prom and Amin are happy going out daily and their siblings are happy not to be missing school because of their brother and sister.

My happiness is not just  the fact that they all have gone back to school fully and that Amin and Prom do come to the Center daily, but that both children have shown marked progress. I went through memory lane and came out thanking God for giving me Ziim, for without her I would not have been a part of this. How could God have found me so worthy to be a part of this change! Thank God for Ziim.  I am happy that I am able to through Ziim give to these children no matter how little. Giving, like Oprah Winfrey said is not just about writing cheques but about touching life.  Wouldn’t you want to touch their lives and many more like them?

…. …. ….. …….. ……….earlier in the center ………………………………………………………………………..and now, same children….


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