Disability day

Today is world disability day. Hm.. As if it is news.

I have been sitting here all day with my daughter, she of course is oblivious of the “day”. Of course the day started for me as usual about 3.30am, when I do her almost three hour therapy. Today, I confess that I did not put in the two hours forty  minutes that is required. I managed about half of that. Ziim woke up at about 5.30ma which was early. I put her on the potty, she made wee, saving her mum a diaper, good girl. I put her back on the bed, urging her go back to sleep. Hm.. she did but did not sleep for long. I had to wash, clean house, did not do much of that either. Then bath time, breakfast and medication. Good, morning session over. Hm…

Sit her down, collect various toys of different textures…. mum sits, continuously help her “pick and hold each”….none lasts sixty seconds in her hands, sometimes it gets to sixty seconds though, but Dorman says if you consistently do that she will get to hold…………….anybody has bright ideas on what mum should to to encourage  or rather get her to hold onto things.  We do this for about an hour or so. Then we try something else. Get piano, help her to play, ok good. Thirty minutes, shows disconnect hm… what next, anything on the tv, oh oh, the people holding power holds it (power holding company of nigeria PHCN) So think of something else, oh oh, let’s try the stretches hm.. fine, concentrate on the ankle, mind on the tendon shortening hm… ok fine. Check time oh lunch time is around.  Ok Ziim, mum will be back. Goes to the kitchen, what now, oh it’s Saturday, beans day, on fire put beans and back to Ziim…. these hands must hold things, work work on them. BTW  did you forget the head oh oh. down you lie, activities to help hold head up, fia fia fia. Hmmm… what’s smelling from kitchen? OMG, beans!!! Run run run, off light, rescue some. Hm.. . run back to Ziim, put her on the prone position.. back to kitchen, make lunch.. good, lunch is ready, fine.

Surprise surprise, Ziim ate well, no prompting, usually eating beans is done with a lot of wahala, but  today none of that, fine. Lunch over, thank goodness, power is back, mum picks her companion…aka her laptop where her friends live, see if anyone sent a message, trouble, couldn’t access my mail hmm.. still cann’t what’s up?? will have to figure out how to gain access to my mail box, see me see wahalah.

Ziim shows tiredness, should be, woke up early. Help her sleep, some respite, picks my friends house again, still cann’t access my account. Ok, to wordpress, talk there. Fine, fast for Ziim will wake up in the next 30 or 40minutes, she hardly sleeps longer than that during the day. One eye on the t.v, waiting to hear anything on disability, nothing, just the usual programs. Guess they will say something  in the 7p news.

Disability!!!! Thought of going to Ogunsanya mall, probably go to the shops and pick one or things. Not bad, ah!! It’s Saturday, the mall will be full, usually is on weekends, especially at this hour,  parking, movement, all that wahala.. hm.. not to worry, you really dont need anything as in need from the shop, so stay home.

Ha.. Ziim is up,  I like to watch her wake up, why? oh.. to check to see if she is having the twitches around her mouth, as in those tiny movements that tell me she is having seizure, I watch her, did not  see any,,,thank God!! Disability. She wakes fully, I let her be, mum is writing, but one eye on her. I watch her,  looks like she wants to do no 2, I can see her face, the movement, yes, she has not done bowel movement today. Stop mum, pick Ziim, as I remove her diaper, I can see it coming, hm..on her potty chair, strap her, good girl. Disability.. waiting for the day she will say mummy I want to poo, I know it will come. I will give her about 30 minutes and I will wash her up. Hm…

It’s 4pm, think I should take her out, just drive around. Yes, I’ll do that, it’s disability day and my angel is living with disability. Let me see what she is cooking in there.

Do you know that today is world disability day?




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