Walking to Him

Last week passed like a flash. Guess that is how it happens when one is busy.  Yes oh.. Ziim’s mumps went, I did not need to visit any hospital. Read about it on the inter net, understood it is a viral infection and would run it course, so I just refused all promptings from friends to take her to the hospital. There was even a recommended local prescription of chewed corn from some quarters, but I heeded none. I just gave her paracetamol syrup three times a day. She is fine now. You will see her picture below at the party.

The CpCenter closed officially for the Xmas holiday on Friday. It is a four week break. I shall miss the children and their daily activities.

We had our first Xmas party for the children yesterday. It went very well. All the children and their parents and siblings were present, as well as few friends. It was fun for everyone. I watched the children interact with each. I was particularly impressed at how the “well” siblings looked out for their differently able siblings. I watched the parents interaction. Our friends from the FFF were around too.                                           Ziim with her balloon at the party

                                        That’s Amin & her brother, he’s helping her to catch fun

                                     Princess at the party

                                                Some children  at the party yesterday

The cake at the background was donated by a parent. We had fun.

As the last child left with his parents about 7pm last night, I could not help but thank God that these children are a part of my life. I thank God for Ziim, for I know that daily He through her shows me the path through which I walk to Him. As we walk to a new year, I hope that I shall through Ziim make a more positive impact in their lives. Of course I can not do much of this without you.


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