Today, I want to write this blog in honour of my father who passed on on Tuesday the 18th of December, 2007.

My father!! Papa m! It is four years today, four years since you went to be with the Lord. Papa, you were a father that any child should be proud of! I am thankful to God that you were my father.

You made sure that all of us, the eleven of us got not just the western education, but the education that equips us to live in this world. You taught us so many lessons of life without giving lectures. Your life was the lecture. You lived by example. You taught us love, patience, appreciation, endurance, compassion, forgiveness, sacrifice, honesty, obedience, the value of hard work, how to live in peace, first with your family, then with others. You taught us the value of family, and that all these virtues start from family. We saw you live all the virtues!!!

I wish I can say that I miss you, you know what I mean. I can see your smile. You know why, ha papa.  Sure, because I was right there when you breathed you last breath. I knew you were prepared, death did not  take you by surprise. I have no doubt that you are in heaven interceding for us.  You were clothed in your “heavenly garment” the priest had visited over the weekend and no doubt your sons who are priests lift you up daily at mass. You had your scapular on and your rosary in your hands. I could see our mother Mary fulfilling her promise  “that whosoever dies clothed in this shall never suffer eternal fire …. It shall be a sign of salvation, a protection in danger, and a pledge of peace“. And mama and I were singing this beautiful song to lead you to heaven. So how can I say that I miss you when I feel your presence and protection all the time.

I am the Bread of; / He who comes to me shall not hunger;/ He who believes in shall not thirst/No one comes to me, Unless the father draws him.

And I will raise Him up, And I will raise Him up, And I will raise Him up on the last day.

You lived the faith till the end. I know you are in heaven, your were a peacemaker, our town, Igbo-Ukwu recognized that and gave you the title Ezeudo…the king of peace. The Lord Himself blesses the peacemakers and said they shall be called sons of God. And sons of God shall be no where but with God Himself in His kingdom.I believe!!.

Sleep on papa, continue to rest in peace. Ezeudo Igbo-Ukwu. Ezechichili.


One thought on “Papa

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