Tiny Boxed miracle

Something is happening in the church!! Either one or two of our neighbors in our discovered area of seating in St Dominic’s is reading us here or someone has decided to make sure that our seat is reserved for us. But whatever it is, it sure leaves a good feeling and I feel I should give it a thumbs up. I have talked a lot about the congregation’s, well some of the congregation’s, lack of consideration towards us with regards to seating, there seems to be some change in the positive direction!!!

For three Sundays now we have gotten this let me call it VIP treatment. The first Sunday I took it as a coincidence. We arrive shortly before the mass started and this seat was not taken, ordinarily at the time we came someone would have been sitting there, a lot peope like the aisle seat. The second Sunday someone was there but I did not say anything, as soon as he saw us, he moved to another seat, he did not even wait for my “thank you” Hm.. what’s up” like they say. Now this; Sunday we were late. Why you may ask.

Sunday, I was torn between doing charity and going to mass early. My friend Aunty D. needed to be at the airport for about 5.30a.m, she was visiting us. She had asked me to drop her at the airport and I said yes.  I had planned that we leave at about 4.45am that way I can drop her and still  get to church before 6a.m. But we woke up late and at 5a.m we were just about to leave. I knew I would be late for mass particularly as mass is slightly short this season. I thought of asking her to take a taxi, hm.. at this hour? Ok to the airport we went for I know that if she took a taxi I would worry through out the mass.

As soon as I dropped her off, I raced down to Yaba. I knew parking was going to be a wahala, but that was not to be. I was trying to get a parking space when one of the volunteer traffic wardens saw me, he quickly made space for me, I could not believe my luck! I quickly picked logged   Ziim on my shoulder and with the other hand carried her pusher, I could hear the penitential act going on, this Dominicans do not waste time at all, I said under my breath. I practically ran into the church, but like I said here, there are not many places we can sit without being on the way. So I gingerly walked towards “our seat”. Somebody was sitting there of course, but the story is that I said nothing, we were quite late abi? But one man touched the woman that was sitting there, whispered something to her, she turned, looked at us, stood up and went to the pew in front and asked for room to be made for her. I was almost transfixed where I was standing until  the man said, madam sit down now. I thanked him and sat down.

This is to me is miracle.  Is it the season? Is it Advent? You see,I used to look for miracles in large boxes, now I see them in tiny boxes. That I no longer need to “fight” to get a comfortable place to be able to position my daughter better in the church. That people are now more understanding towards us with different ability without having to make a sermon of it. That they are no longer blind to our inability to seat just anywhere in the church. This is miracle and I am waving my white handkerchief!!!! And I say una well done.

Of course, needless to say that I had a great mass or is it what was left of it.

Have you witnessed some tiny boxed miracles recently? Do share.




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