Adding to my armory

It appears as if I needed to get the confirmation that not just that  Ziim still has Cp, but that some of those issues that come with her type of Cp are there still. Like I said here, her limbs still say that  she does have Cp, waking up, she surely still has it. For over five months she has not had one of her grand mal seizures that sends us racing scampering to the emergency ward, I have been regaling in that fact and am quick to announce it to anybody that cares to listen. But yesterday, it came!! what a way to start the year did I hear you say?

We got back from our short holiday in the Island of Tarkwa about 3.p.m. It was good to be home, though the powers that hold electricity was holding it, but not to worry, we were without electricity for about 9 days. We tried to settle  in, but you know, I still had that after feeling of a good holiday that makes your body woozy woozy. I knew I should try cleaning up, but I chose not to, I managed to change the bed sheets and just lay there with Ziim. It was a bit hot,  I decided for us to lie on the floor, I put the mat down near the window so we could get more air as we lay there. I picked my laptop wherein lives my friends ha.. well some of them,  noted that the battery is almost  run out, this power holding self,  quickly looked through my mails, need to reply to some mails, but that’s for another day. I thought of visiting a friend, probably she’ll have electricity so I can recharge my laptop and cell phone, but that’s not a good reason to visit someone, and just didn’t feel like going out. Anyway, I decided to do something more constructive; do some therapeutic play with Ziim, so out came some toys and play we played till we were both tired and fell asleep. Ziim slept first, I looked at the time, it was 5.55p.m, hm.. time is far gone, shall we still sleep at night? Still I allowed myself to drift to sleep, making sure that Ziim was lying on her side.

I woke up with a start, like something somebody woke me up, I turned, haaa Ziim is convulsing!!!! Nonye calm down I heard myself say. Ok, check the time, 6.30p.m, hm.. how long has she been convulsing? Cann’t say but she is not with me at all, she is jerking, oh my God. Did I not just say not to panic? Good, calm down, position her properly on her side, move the pillow away, good, no, no, no hospital, now get the rectal diazepam, you have some at home don’t you? yes, peel off the packet, good, now remove her diaper, unscrew the tube, insert, press hard, and remove while still pressing. Good, you need to be calm right? Right. She is still jerking, yes, just be calm. Hm. I picked my rosary, knelt beside her and started praying, placing my left hand on her jerking body.

I was on the last decade of my rosary when my phone rang, I looked at Ziim, she was calming down, good, it takes about 15 minutes  to say the rosary, and the medication should calm her down within 10 or 15 minutes (all things being equal like they say). She is actually calming down, she has stopped jerking, good. The phone went again, I looked at the number, ah.. my friend’s mum, she lives in America, probably wants to wish us a happy new year. I answer the phone; ha..Nonye happy new year! Happy new year ma, Ziim is fine, her daughter-in-law comes on lime, ha Nonye happy new year, same to you. Ziim is fine thank you. The phone goes dead, bad connection, the net work has been bad since the holiday.

Now she was calm and looking tired, making wobbly,  I picked her up, put her on the bed, and shortly she slept off. Thank God. I lay besides her trying to figure out what could have triggered off the seizure.  Then I stopped trying to figure out the cause and started thanking God; for what if she had the seizure while we were at Tarkwa? Twice I remembered to put the rectal diazepam while I was packing, twice I forgot, yes I should get a knock or two. Or what if she had the seizure while we were in the speed boat, I am sure I most likely would have panicked, hm…But this is one sensible seizure and it was handled sensibly should I say. My sisters called to wish us a happy new year and I talked about the seizure with them.

All through today she was calm, played and had her three meals and she is sleeping soundly now. As I reflect on that “sensible seizure” episode, I cannot but thank God for calming me down. I know that this is one of the storms we may need to wade through as we sail into this year. I must remember to add my rosary in the armory that I need to withstand the storms that are sure to come. Hope you are building up your armory for the storms must surely come.


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