Xmas holiday

the road sea to Tarkwa

When my brother invited Ziim and Ito spend Xmas and new year holiday with him in Tarkwa bay, I was slow to accepting the invitation. He was going to work sort of, and wanted  Ziim and myself to have a change of “air”, you may say a “breath of fresh air. With a special child like Ziim, it is not the easiest thing to just up and go. I worried about a number of things, sitting or should I just say proper positioning for activities. The thought of carrying a number of things made me say no initially. But I had to change my mind because I knew that my siblings would be happier if we went, so I had to go and  I was glad we went.

sailing to Tarkwa

Ziim was quite calm all through the sail. Should be, with mummy holding you tight.

We were at the beach. Ziim’s bath chair came in handy, it was used as a beach chair for her.

We went into the water, but not without testing the water first

Testing the water

going in

the waves came

friend came calling..hello girl friend

they played


I am sure Ziim enjoyed herself. She definitely had a good time. I did too. None of the things  I worried about mattered. With pillows we made her sit comfortably and her bath chair served more than for bathing.  I was able to read two novels as her friends kept her company most of the time.

Will definitely like to do it again. How was your Xmas holiday?


2 thoughts on “Xmas holiday

  1. These are good pics!


  2. […] is the only one I own. In Bolton, the chair was adapted into some other uses just like it was  here. Brilliant! my sis will say, she often sounds like […]


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