Commitment and Changes

My phone rang at 8.50a.m, good it was on discreet mode as Ziim was still sleeping, I quickly picked the call. Good morning ma, please is the center open today? Ha, that’s Mrs G, E’s mum, one of the children in the center.  Should not be working, there is supposed to be a strike going on,  should be out “occupying Nigeria”, that’s the slogan, wonder how they came up with that.   Well, I am occupied here, have actually been since about 3.a.m. No, was not keeping vigil, we were awake, Ziim and I, mosquitoes did not allow us to sleep. Yes oh, don’t know how they got in, but in they were and were singing songs in our ears. I robbed us both insect repellant cream, but you know once you are up, you  do not often just drift back to sleep easily. It was hot too, of course you guessed right, the power holders were holding power, wondered if they had started occupying Nigeria, so I was fanning us, more like fanning Ziim. Did I not say that I was occupying occupied?

At about 5am Ziim went back to sleep, I could not sleep any more, probably the thought of all I need to do was occupying my mind hm.. I said my prayers and about 6a.m, I started occupying ha this word, I started Ziim’s therapy, usually it takes close to three hours. One plus about this therapy is that it can be administered on the child while s/he sleeps. I was just on the last last stage when the call came in, no the center is not open, yes we are occupying occupied.

Shortly after Ziim woke up and we started our day or rather she started her day.She was given a bath, had her breakfast of wetabix and took all her medications ranging from multivitamins to AED drug. Then we really got occupied with her stimulation program which is base on three major principles; Intensity, Frequency and Duration.

Intensity means that we work for at least 6 to 8 hours a day, “work” here means some defined short  exercises aimed at stimulating the brain in all aspects of development..motor, speech, visual etc etc. Frequency means constant repetition of same stimulus  for it to be hopefully registered and adopted by the brain. In practice, it means the same series of exercises is  done a couple of times a day, then 5days or 6days or 7days in a week depending on the person’s ability and commitment. Duration is the distribution in terms of the length of time the “intensity and frequency” is applied, usually a long time!. We are doing this hoping to get conductors to raise money for conductors for the center to start Conductive Education.

So you can understand what I meant when I said that we are occupied like the labour and civil organization group  occupying Nigeria today. I even took some pictures like they did too to show how the “occupying” went or should I say evident of occupying Nigeria.

Well, the pictures of Ziim below are some of the “occupy mummy” today.

helping the hand to stretch 










position encourages upright sitting, hands stretched out, head up while watching tv, back is straight. Sitting yoga style, good for the hips too.

potty time



lunch time. Plantain with fish and ugu vegetable leaves..yummy

music time

lying on the prone position. helps in encouraging neck control

Center or rather occupy activities closed at 4p.m. Then mummy did some daily must wash.

                                                           bibs. must wash daily.

I put Ziim in the car, came back and sprayed the room with insecticide to get rid of the mosquitoes, won’t want their singing tonight. We took a ride to mummy O’s to allow time for the insecticide to wear off. Mummy O is ever pleased to see us, she noted that Ziim is almost as tall as her mum and that she appears less stiff. Hm..

Got back home at 6.30pm. Thank goodness, the power holders seems to have finished their strike, power is on. We listen to news, more like me listen to news. I made dinner, watched Tinsel, fed Ziim, gave her her medications. She was ready to sleep, but first need to take a bath. Good.  Sleep.

sleeping beauty. waiting for mummy to come join her

I have to listen to the news to know if the labour and the civil organization group are occupying Nigeria tomorrow. I know I shall be occupied for I am committed to the course of helping Ziim as much as I can. It is in making commitment that we get changes and the level of commitment we make to a large extent determines the changes we get. Many want changes but do not want commitment. How committed are you to the changes you want?


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