A different day

Was so busy at the center today I barely had time to think of last night and Ziim. Did not see much of the unprovoked laughter, did not worry about the unprovoked laughter.

We got a visit from someone with a 10 year old child with CP, wanted to know if the CpCenter runs a live in facility, no we do not. Hm.. gets a lot of inquiries on this.

Had fun with the children, so much so that we did not realize when it was lunch time. Today being Friday lunch is usually 30minutes earlier because we close at 2p.m. Yes now, the regular schools close at 1p.m or there about.

We had lunch and shortly after the children were picked, some by their siblings others by their mums.

lunch time for master E

I had some interesting talk with E’s mum when she came to pick him. Will talk about that sometime.

Back home Ziim had chocolate drink at 4p.m Reminded me of my dad, he used to like to take tea at 10a.m and 4.p.m. Papa was some form of “onyeocha” (English man). Ziim usually does not get that often at this time, but today it was to get her to mind her business with the tv while I do some house work as I have a meeting   tomorrow and may not have time for that.

Hm.. all things done, Ziim had her medications, dinner, bath and went straight to bed, this child, totally different from yesterday, thank goodness, she is fast asleep. Good, mum can visit her friends that live on the web. Most importantly read up on that unprovoked laughing issue so to be better informed when talking with the doctor on Monday. I had sent the nagging issue as a question to some team of experts researchers, yes, those that are wearing my kind of shoes, differently put, those who face the war daily, the true heroines and pronto they sent me information that helped sooth my nerves. They are here and here, wonderful people!!

Ok, now that you have been updated. Let me  sign off before my battery runs out. Yes you guessed right, the power people are holding power, wish the labor union  can occupy their office for me, sigh sigh.Not a bad day. How was yours?.


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