Need to check

I know that I must find out. But I am afraid that   I may find out something I would not like. It could even nothing. Hm..Nonye you have to check it out, at least it will be one more thing you know you have to or not deal with.

I have consulted my school, of course you know I go to school daily, I cannot seem to find much, the little I found is making my head woozy and sort of……  Please just go check, hm.. all those doctor’s appointments, MRI, CTscan……… have to go and find out.

Yes oh, I have to go, Ziim has been behaving  in some ways that I can no longer fail to notice. Initially I just say she is happy, but this one, like my people would say is like a hand shake that is going beyond the elbow. Phew.. I hope nothing is wrong with my angel.

Last night, she laughed uncontrollably  for over an hour, then cried for about 30 minutes, I had to rock her to sleep and it took another hour to get her to sleep. I have been sitting here for hours going through write ups in my school and I have not seen anything that tells me not to worry.  So Monday, to LUTH we go. BTW are the doctors still on strike? You know they were on an industrial action before the labor union started their own, have to check that out.

Oh, I hope nothing is wrong with Ziim, well at least not what I am thinking hmm. Whatever, I have to check to know,  but what if it is….. God is there with you, of course I know He is right here and there with us. So we go.

Oh and my school address?? I am sure you are registered there too


4 thoughts on “Need to check

  1. Hey Sis Nonye, remember that today is the feast day of Blessed Iwene Tansi, fly to his patronage. And also remember that ‘The Lord is my shepherd…’ Whatever it is, there are people who continue to stand with u in spirit. U are not alone. Fondly, Olive


  2. De Mamma, you are in my thoughts and prayers. I pray and hope that she is ok. Isn’t it possible to reach any of the doctors privately? May St. Tansi obtain you and zimmy, God’s manifold graces. Hugs.


  3. Oge Genge chikanwosuh

    I pray she’s ok.. and nothing is wrong!


  4. […] had our follow up on this in LUTH yesterday. Actually we were schedulled for the 6th, that was last week, but it was a […]


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