Tomorrow in my mind

Of course I am thinking of tomorrow and honestly I should not be too pleased. That place will be something else, you know all the people that did  not keep their appointment last week because the labour strike will be there and those that have their appointment tomorrow are going to be there too, it will be a crowd!  And of course mothers like  me who are worried concerned  about their child’s behaviour, it just may be nothing, hm.. let it be nothing but please go check.

Now I torn between going early or just taking my time and pray and hope for a miracle. By early, it means getting there about 6a.m and be sure to be among the first seven or getting there about 7.30a.m and pray for a miracle to leave before 12.00noon. Hm.. each has its pros and cons.

Ziim is sleeping, has been since about 8.30p.m. She was tired, she should be, woke her up at 5.15a.m for us to go for 6.a.m mass. Usually she’ld sleep for about an hour when we get back, but today she did not, though she took a nap when we went to my auty’s place. Yes we went for a pre wedding get together. My aunty’s son is wedding next week and today she invited members of the extended family to formally invite them. You may call it pre wedding party as there were food and drink. There after we went to visit mummy O, I needed some advice.

My mind is back on tomorrow, hm.. I have set out things I need to go with, thank goodness I started looking for Ziim’s card on time, just found it. my questions fears are written down. But what time should I leave?

Why don’t you go and sleep and flow with the tide when you wake up? Really, I agree with you. yes, tomorrow in my mind, i am going to sleep. Yes, but first, help roll Ziim over.



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