Flowing with the tide

I got up this morning with a start, looked at the time, it was 3.30a.m!!  And Ziim was awake!!! Could not say for how long she has been awake, but I guessed hoped that it may not have been for a long time. I checked her out, she appeared fine, a little bit warm from my touch. May be I should give her paracetamol hm…. okay, use the thermometer to check. Reading 36.9C, not bad, but she is a bit warm from touch and she was sweating. Oh, the power people are on, so some luxury, put on the air conditioner, good. Now can we go back to sleep? Sis was just there looking at me and “talking”. Ha I remembered, we are to go to LUTH this morning, sigh sigh. Now what did I decide last night at per to departure time. Nothing, you said to flow with the tide.  What to do, check time again, 4.a.m.

I remembered the notebook saying “no matter what you’re doing, it’s done better when you involve GOD” so prayer, where is my rosary, and I  pray, holding Ziim with one hand and hoping that she’d go back to sleep. 4.30a.m, she was still awake, rosary said. My body wanted needed to sleep, but I guess my heart said, you just may over sleep, why not do Ziim’s exercises as you may not come back early from LUTH.  Okay, Ziim down you go, on the prone position. Thirty minutes later she drifted to sleep, good, but I continue, it’s 5.a.m already, so let her sleep.  At 6  a.m, I woke her, we got ready, bags were packed the previous night, put water in the flask, tried as I could, we were not able to leave before 7a.m. I made to panic, my heart said, not to panic, flow with the tide.

At 7.15a,m we were at the LUTH car pack. Ziim wait while mummy goes to drop the card, good girl. I ran up stairs, the clinic is on the second floor, the power people were not on, good I had my “populo owo” phone, so I could use the touch light. The number of people I saw on second floor was far beyond what I imagined. At this time the doors were not yet opened as the staff are yet to arrive. I dropped my card and went back to the car to give Ziim breakfast. Considering the number of people I saw, I knew that going home may not be soon so I borrowed some of Ziim’s cereal. After breakfast, I sat in the car watching more  parents arrive with their children, some mothers carrying their children on the back, some fathers carrying logging their children on their shoulders to walk up to the second floor. The lifts are not in use.

Then I went into a trance; what if all parents decide to “occupy” like the labour and civil organization groups did the previous week in Nigeria? What if we all decide to keep our children away from their clinic. Let them walk in with their stethoscopes and starched white and sometimes not so white overalls and there are no patients, just empty chairs. And we shall just hold them to ransom and refuse to come for clinic till they at least fix the lifts so that we do not have to log  our children through the stir case. Look at somebody like me, mummy Ziim, soon I may need to rent a man to lift Ziim for me to the second floor and bring her down after the clinic! No, we need to occupy for them, we’ll get the help of  some pastors in bible believing churches to pick just the right words for us!! We can even get some  Nollywood actors and actresses, comedians and dancers to help plead our case, of course the press will be there…. OCCUPY LUTH by parents of children with disabilities, particularly CP!!!

I do not remember what happened, I woke up from this reverie, I looked at my wrist watch, it was 8.35a.m!!! Oh my God, what happened? I panicked, no don’t panic, flow with the tide my heart said. As calmly as I could, I opened my car trunk, brought out Ziim’s push chair. Carrying Ziim on my shoulder, with one hand I pushed the empty chair to the stair case, then I stood, waiting to catch the pity/sympathy of an innocent passerby. Nobody was minding me, I stood there for a while, then I had to ask a young girl who obliged me. Thanks girl.

I got to the second floor, the nurses were there, there were so many people, some were going back, the whole place was filled to the brim, every seat was taken. I walk up to the desk, I had left my card earlier I said to the lady at the desk. Hm.. madam do you have appointment today? No, but we are told that we can always come if we have issues we consider serious. Well, madam that can not work today, we are only attending to patients that have appointment today. Really?, we shall see about that.  I saw a parent I know. ha aunty Nonye happy new year, same to you mummy k, what’s happening here?. Oh, I am leaving, they say they can only attend to those that have appointment today. You know they did not worked  for three Mondays, 2nd, 9th and 16th of January, they were on strike before the nation wide strike, so there is a back log of patients as such they are rescheduling the patients of those days, I just got rescheduled, I am waiting for them to write drugs for my baby.

Hm..all my Aluta Continua vamoosed. I am not going anywhere unless I see a doctor or is unless a doctor sees me, I said to myself. I no occupy nothing! I put on my charm, oh yes I could be charming hm.. I walk up to matron, please I need to see a doctor blah blah blah, she knows me well, she should, haba, we have been coming here for five years. But aunty Nonye, you know that if you do not have appointment you come early, it’s to 9 and you are just coming. No ma, I came about 7.15, my card is there,  I put it down and went to feed my daughter in the car. Of course I could not tell her that I went into a trance and forgot myself. I suppose it would not look nice  if she obliged just me, so they take some more people that did not have appointment. I paid, weighed Ziim, the scale tipped at 18kg. For a brief minute I thought of the lift and the possibility of getting parents to protest, I was about to drift into this trance when I heard Chizimuzondu. The nurse was calling us to go see doctor!! Ha, thank God.

We saw this doctor that has good bed side manners. She took her time to listen to me, tried to ally my fears, she did not appear to be in hurry, this year must be good. At a point she said to let her consult with her seniors, we waited. When she came back she said they were of the same opinion with her, but we should watch her, she’ll give us a short appointment, two weeks, if we still are not comfortable, the only way to be sure is to do a CTScan, but she thinks that may not be necessary. Okay, continue with the drugs as you were giving.

I walked out of the consulting room, time 11.30a.m. this is good. Thank goodness that I listened to my heart that said to flow with the tide.

Then I remembered another notebook saying  that says to

“Always listen to your heart, because even though it’s on your left side; it’s always right.”

So the day went well for us, for listening to my heart. How was yours? Did you listen to your heart and flew with the tide?


One thought on “Flowing with the tide

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