Living in the now

A whole week went by and I did not write on this blog!  Almost couldn’t believe it myself until  I looked at the date of  last entry, ha Nonye, na wa for you! what have you been up to? Believe me I have been up to many things, daily I wish for the number of hours that make up the day to increase, but they never did. My greatest undoing has been this power holders. I write this in darkness having charged my laptop earlier from an office opposite my house, you better believe it, I have made friends with the security officers at the gate just so they would agree to help me charge my laptop. The nature of their business requires that they put on their generator as soon as the power holders hold the electricity. Thanks for checking up on us, I know you did.

Ziim is fine, with all the works, hm.. Saturday, a week ago, we went to this wedding, actually it was my cousin’s wedding, it looked like the whole people from my town in this Lagos were there. At the church we were almost bared. You don’t believe it? Yes, that’ s true. How you ask. We were structurally bared!! Did I hear you say; that’s not new? Well you are right, it appears to be the norm in all the churches but you know something, I will talk about it, keep talking about it until something is done.  Church was Our Lady of Lourdes, Cooker.  Beautiful church, but it screams, wheelchair users  keep off!!, the aged keep off!!. well unless you have someone to lift you into the church.

It was good that Ziim and I had gone with two of my brothers. As soon as we arrived at the church,( we were quite early), we saw that wheeling Ziim inside the church on her push chair is impossible. One of my brothers went round to see if there is a ramp somewhere,  amazingly there was none.  As we were contemplating what to do, we saw a man who appeared to be part of the church, he was carrying the priest’s vestment and I asked him if they have access for people with disability on wheelchair, he said no. Then I jokingly said, ha what a lucky church, none of the members of her congregation are disabled. He said, no, there are a few cripples, they crawl through the stair case into the church. Hm.. I heard……so if you cannot walk then crawl or try the next church. Yes, the church, for what I suspect is to maximize space is  elevated such that you have to use the staircase to go into the church and nobody thought of putting a ramp to allow people like us to come in and worship. Anyway, I did not mind them, thank goodness my brothers were with me, I carried Ziim while one helped carry her push  chair. I though; what happens when she out grows this light push chair and must use a wheel chair? I heard, banish the thought Nonye, live in the now and enjoy it. I obeyed and yielded to the voice, my spirit lifted. Into the church we went, I found a good spot and positioned my angel and sat besides her. See us.

I was glad I listened to that voice because I remained in a very good spirit for us to enjoy the wedding. Ziim was well behaved. she had her lunch after the mass while the group pictures were taking place so please do not look for us in the pictures, we were seated in a black car having our yummy lunch.

The reception venue was not disability friendly either, but I did not notice, yes I did not for I was living in the now, I can still carry Ziim,  albeit with slight difficulty, so let me enjoy it now. It is with this spirit of living in the now that the we went through the week and really enjoyed it or how else did I not realize that a week went like a flash. And did your week go?



One thought on “Living in the now

  1. Good to read this episode … I’m glad you could make out the time to write!
    One thing – “… it appears to be the norm in all the churches …” excluding St Dominic’s Yaba, right? I’m certain of that! So, be consoled. As is usual, many others will copy from the leader with time!!! (I know many will crucify me with that statement!).
    Have a blessed week – I had a good read!


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