Ramblings of a mother

When we were introduced to computer, I think the course was called coputer appreciation, or something like that, it was a 100 level course,  we were told that we could look at the  computer like the brain of a humanbeing. We were told by that young lecturer then, that the computer has a “brain”, the hard disk, it stores all the information in the computer, and that once it crashes, as it sometimes does, all the information will be lost.  When this happens, you may have to get another hard drive.

Tuesday, my laptop hard drive failed!!. (now you know why you did not see any post from us last week). Before you begin to think that I am some sort of a guru with computers, my formal education ended with that 101 course I mention above and I studied read it hard just to pass the course and not carry it over to the next level as it was not an elective course. But I amazed myseldf that what we were taught so many years ago came to my mind as soon as I was told that my coputer hard disk failed. Yes I was told, tells you how much I know about the subject, all I knew was that it just stopped working and did like it was playing some music , bringing out some messages I did not bother to read. Hm.., I did not bother, as I may not understand it. This was about 3.30.m, I even wondered  if somebody was after me and came through the computer, yes now,  am I not an African, where we have African magic even on DSTV? 

Anyways, I distracted myself by doing Ziim’s exercises on her. Usually she sleeps through the time it takes, close to three hours, but for reason, when I wanted to change her position, she woke up and would not go back to sleep till I was done. As I was doing the exercises, I decided that I would go to computer village and find out what was wrong with the computer and probably get it sorted out. As soon as I was done, I quicky gave Ziim a bath, with the hope of giving her breakfast and we both zap to the computer village in Ikeja. But as I dressed her and made to feed, she decided to sleep, try as I could she would not wake up. OMG, here goes my hope of getting to Ikeja! I could not take a sleeping Ziim, sans breakfast and be racing to Ikeja just to fix my computer. Then I remebered that the father of one of the children in the CpCenter, E, is into computer, I called the wife, that is mummy E and told her my wahalah, she informed her husband and he offered to look at it for me. So I took my time, allowed Ziim to go  back to bed for sometime since I was not going to Ikeja.

We got to the Center just as E was brought by his parents. I told the father about my computer, as described what happened, he said it sounds like the hard drive failed. He will take it and check it out and if it’s the hard disk, it has to be replaced. Ok, can I give you money to buy and replace it so that I get it later in the day? You see, I like to keep in touch with my friends who live in the computer.  Ha, it does not work that way, he said, I will need to format it or something like that, he also said something about operating system too, so he will see if I can get it back by weekend.  May I ask if you have been backing up your files? I hope you have.  How? Sounds like you have not, anyway, let me go check it first. later he called to say that the hard drive failed. He was going to fix it. Let’s look towards weekend.

As I was doing my  usual routine with the children, my mind went to the computer, as in the hard disk and I remembered that the hard disk is said to be the brain of the computer. If it could be fixed or replaced, why can the same thing not be done for these children with Cp. Cp I am told is brain injury, often part of the brain, the cortex is the affected part. Is there no way it can be reformated or something like that? I decided I was going to talk with the neuro surgeon, I understand there are good ones at LUTH. I will see them on Monday. How come nobody has thought of it? Yes,  format Ziim’s brain and Cp will go! Work on the operating system.I may even take her to India if they are not willing to that here, I hear  these Indians are doing unbelievable things in medicine.  I know a couple of parents whose children have Cp and they have taken the children to India. Please do not ask me how they are because I know that their brains were not formated, after all nobody has thought of it before now. I just did and I feel elated, now I have this feeeling of discvering something fantastic, like Vasco da gama discovering that sea route to India!! Now who is the surgeon that will do this formating for me? Ziim needs the part of the hard disk (cortex) replaced and her mother, aka, Nonye, will pay good money.

To arm myself before meting the surgeon, I went to my laboratory, aka, Mr google to get information or rather supporting document. I found this , but did not believe it. How can they fail to be the same? Please who knows a powerful neuro suergeon?

Now you did not read this from my blog, did you?  Just rambling.


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