farewell to a child

My phone went at 8.30p.m, Ziim was having dinner. Ideally she should be asleep, but not today. She has been stooling and I was not sure what to give her for dinner. My mind was on taking her to the hospital tomorrow if the stooling continues. I decided to make oats for her, added a bit of honey the way she likes it. She was eating when this call came in. I did not recognize the number, but I picked the call all the same.

It’s mummy Efe.  She is calling to tell me that Efe passed on this morning!!

Efe was a child in the CpCenter up untill March last year. I remember the first time I met him, it was the first Saturday in the month of November 2009, about 6.30p.m. I remember exactly how he was, a nanny was attending to him. When I started the CpCenter in 2010, I encouraged the parents to bring him  for therapies.   They did, but stopped after a while due to distance.

December, 2011, his parents came with him to say hello, they brought a basket of Xmas hampper. How was I to know that it was the last I would see him

What happened? Does it matter?  He is dead, gone to be where there are no pains. I doubt if he will need any form of therapy there.   

Farewell dear child! Rest in Peace.


3 thoughts on “farewell to a child

  1. You dont offer oatmeal to a child with running tummy Nonye, to make it worse with oat! She needed more of clear fluid and vitamins to argument her losses, oats is fibre-dense. I used to work with children with CP in Mirfield and i can imagine what a hectic job, but i am sure the good Lord who started this beautiful work in your life and in the lives of these kids will see it to a perfect finish.


    • Hi Oluchi, thanks for stopping by. You see, each child is different. For Ziim, even with oat meal, she did not stool anymore. She is fine now. Thanks once again And for working with children with Cp, believe me, I do not work with them. I see nothing hectic in what I do with Ziim and other children. I just love it. It is no work.


  2. to make it worse with honey i mean.


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