Val Day at the Center

Helloooo! It was Valantine day yesterday. Hm.. Honestly I did not remember as I do not need a day set aside to love my daughter more or show her love. A sister of mine once described as suffocating someone with love. I did not know then how to take it, was it complimentary or not? Well, since Ziim, and then the CpCenter, I found out that I need to dispatch tons and tons of love daily or is it per second per second. Thus I did not feel the need to remember Val’s day as we used to call it in school. 

But when Ay came in to the Center, spoting this fine checkered shirt, we shouted “Valantine”. Then in walked Em (yes he walks)   wearing a bright red coloured shirt, his and mother carrying a present, we screamed, ”happy valantine’s day” How sweet of her. As Em’s mother leaves, my thoughts shifts to her, how she loves her son, she took time to dress him up in the colour of the day, though Em at eight may not be aware. One common thing I notice that mothers of children with special needs share is unparalleled love for their children. My thought still on her, how does she cope? three other children besides Em, with one under18months and no house help? Hm… well she does. Thank goodness the center gives her some respite with Em.

So what   did we do for the children for valantine day? We made sure they all got all their activities done for done, for love, just like we do every day.

We got some powerful visitors today. Keep your eyes on the blog, I shall be talking about them as things unfold, but right nowI can only say that the visit may be the begining of something wonderful in the life of Cpcenter!! 

Couldn’t take pictures, my camera is acting up, hope I sort it out soon. 

How was you day?


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