Repeatedly doing tiny acts

The saying “we are what we repeatedly do” comes so true daily for me in my journey with Ziim and her fellow angels in the CpCenter.

Today I could not help but wonder at how we got to where are now with the children. It was lunch time and I asked; what’s Amina eating today? The question was not directed at her but she answered in her tiny voice; wice (rice) and egg. Her food was not yet on the table, so I asked the person dishing out her food from the food warmer the question, and he said rice and egg. Hm.., meaning that she knows and remembers what was put in her warmer from home. Then she said to me, I will feed myself and I will finish my food. In full sentence!!!! This was music in my ears.

Sometimes last year, I decided that Amina should be helped to feed herself. She resisted it, she would cry, but I was not giving in. A therapist would repeatedly guide her, she fought back, but when she saw that we were not going to succumb to her theatrics, she started cooperating. There were rewards for her, bobo drink, buiscuits etc. We adapted the spoon to help her grip it better. Gradually, we let her feed herself without help. Of course initially it was like pouring 90 percent of the food on the floor, all I did was to ask her mum to increase the quantity of food that is parked for her. I asked her to  rienforce what we do at the center  at home. Today, very very little make it to the floor.

We had the same kind of fight to get her to sit on the potty and do BM, I made the mother sit her on the potty at home. If you put amina on the potty, she would cry so much that a passer would, have this been the white man’s land, gone to call the children welfare group on you. But many months down the line, she now says “I poopoo in the potty”.

Each of them have shown different levels of progress. I remember the day mummy Prom came to pick him from the center, she put him on her back as she usually does, as she made to go, I said to Prom, bye bye me now. And he said iye iye and actually “waved”, the mum almost dropped him in amazement. Thne he got the freedom of movement, and gradually began to crawl 

 Often times the progress appears so little or insignificant, especially to a “non relation” but only a “sister”  aka a mother with a child with Cp,will understand the enormity of the progress. For instance, that Ziim can habitually go to sleep after dinner and a warm bath is a huge miracle which actually requires to be testified to in the congrgation of belivers. Untill recently, I would need to rock her for over 40mins and at the same time put something in her mouth to send her to sleep! A friend of mine used to call it the sleep treatment. 

So today, as I watch Amina feed herself, and watch all the children and observe some subtle progress in each of them, I cannot but wonder how we got here.

But sitting here and reflecting on it, I found out that we did nothing dramatic, or anything big. We just did tiny tiny things, consistently or is it repeatedly over a period of time and we are seeing things that apperar to be big. It occoured to me that in life we really do not need to do big things, all we need do are small acts often of love, and when done repeatedy,they transform to big things. So I guess I should just keep repeatedly doing the little tiny things and prayerfully watch them   trasnsform to something worth testifying to. What tiny things are you repeatedly doing?


2 thoughts on “Repeatedly doing tiny acts

  1. Fr Benjamin, O.P.

    Somehow, I have come to looking forward to this write-up every week! Thank you.
    To the progress reported, I say to God be the glory. To you and all who work at the centre, I pray God’s special blessings, especially during this season.


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