Friday at CpCenter

Enoch on the therapy table “TST”
  Enoch on the standing frame

                                        lunch time for Princess

                                                       Ziim on the standing frame

                                      ziim and Promise


                                          Promise being encouraged to wipe his face

promise &amina

                               Promise at lunch time being assisted by a volunteer, with Amina feeding herself


                                  Amina and Promise picking and identifying objects

Amina on the standing frame,

                                    Amina on the frame, she is encouraged to us her hands. See her trying to catch the pack of buiscuit. Amina is doing so well that we are hoping to put her in a regular school come September.

These are some of the pictures we took today while our activites were going on today. Two of the children, Ay and Emma were absent. Hope you enjoyed loking at the pictures. HAve a great weekend.



One thought on “Friday at CpCenter

  1. fr. emeka nwosuh, op

    nice pictures. welldone de mamma! have a restful week


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