What is your mission…..?

 Z                                       Ziim outside the church after mass

They let you go in even after the gate was closed. Yes mama, they did. That place I parked is where I now park every Sunday. Ha, they must be kind to let you, it is quite easy to take Ziim into the church from that point. Mama it is, I do not know about their kindness, but I fought to get that parking point and also that place where we sat inside the church. How? Mama, let’s just say I fought, not physically, though I may have done that if it required to be done. We both laughed. That is good, I usually worry about how you get around with Zimuzo, in America, they usually have reserved parking for the handicapped and if a person without handicap parks there h/she gets a ticket. You do not have to worry mama, we get around just fine. Yes oh I can see that. It is just that you said you fought for it, in America, you do not have to  fight for it, it is there. Hm…, I said.

My mother is visiting, actually she just came back from visiting my siblings in the US hence she is talking about reserved parking for people with disabilities. We were at mass yesterday and on getting to the entrance gate, it was closed, meaning that the security men would not allow any more cars in. On seeing the gate shut, mama was worried, wondering where we were  going to park and how we were to manouver our way inside the church. But when one of the security men saw me, he quickly asked another one nearer to the gate to let me in. After mass on our way home we had the above conversation. It brought me to the issue of mission. I feel like someone on a mission and I told my mother so.

                                             At home after mass

Our conversation was interupted because we had to let off our passenger and also make some purchases at a “village market” on our way. It was later in the day when we were in the kitchen that we got round to our earlier talk. How do I mean  that I am on a mission?  Of course I am on a mission or I feel like I am on one. Are we mot asked to be Christ like? We are told that Christ came on a mission to  set the captives free, give sight to the blind etc, and He urged us to do same. Daily in our different ways of life we are confronted with the blind, the lame, people in bondage etc and we are challenged  to do what Christ did. Really? Yes ke, we do not have to be ordained by the bishop to know or do that, we are ordained in different ways. Take Nonye for example, she got her ordination on the day she took Ziim, though it her sometime to recognize that. Hm..??? It is true.

Yes, having a child with cerebral palsy for me is like being ordained to be a missionary. As I embark on that mission, I am comfronted by people with different disabilities and I have to “heal” them of those disabilities. Did  I just see your eyes roll up in surprise? But it is true, I sometimes meet people who are held captive by either their religious or cultural beliefs about children with disability like cp, I “heal” or is it cast out the demon of such satanic beliefs from them by enlightening them. Next I meet those who are too blind to see the need for us to have a reserved parking and seating position even in the place of worship, I restore their sights such that they see us and make space for us whenever we come around. Sometimes I meet parents, particularly mothers of children with Cp who are crippled by the burden of carrying the cross of their children with cp, not knowing what to do with them while they go out to work, I give them some repite “healing” by at least taking care of their children for free while they find some sort of livelyhood. depending on the need of who I meet at a point,I do different things,more like I do here.  Above all, God entrusted me with an angel without wings and I am on a mission to make her fly.Here I am, doing all I can to make her fly despite all odds, in her own way, sans wings!!  What  is more, I take along other angels like her, you could add to enlarge the coast of the mission almost like “telling it over the mountains, over the hills and evrywhere”, that you could fly with Cp.

                                      In the likchen with mama yesterday

I believe everyone is on a mission in this mission called world, so what is your mission in the mission?


One thought on “What is your mission…..?

  1. Another beautiful one … you are indeed on mission – truly sent by God. I marvel at how you do it…
    God bless and sustain you and this wonderful mission.
    So you go more frequently to St Dominic’s now? Good idea! I could tell the “Church” from the background of the picture…


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