One for Dr O!

 It is not often that we get to meet a doctor who is not only interested in how well your child is doing, but in how you the mother, the care giver is doing. So when you meet one, you are wowed!!

Yesterday, we had to go to the child and adolescent clinic at Oshodi. We were not schedulled, our schedulle was forThursday the 8th, but I have some family commitment for that day, so I thought I should just go and take a chance. Apart from the family commitment, we were running short of her Epilim which is my main reason for going there.

Favour was with us, the clinic was not heavy, so taking us on was no problem. Our turn came, we got in to see this doctor I can now say is simply awesome. She looked through Ziim, first surprise for me, usually their faces ore on the case file and they start off with something like; any problem? As she looked her over, she looked at the file, checked out weight as  was recorded, fliped back, hm.. she gained just a kilo in three months. Is she on diet? Not really, but I am particular about her weight, I try for her not to gain much weight all things considered. So what does she eat? I realled off Ziim’s typical meal. That is nice, honestly she looks quite healthy, I like  her skin, it glows, well done. Now, let’s talk of  you, mummy, how do you take care of yourself? Any help? We should not just think of the child. What do you do? Who takes careof her while you do what you do?

You can imagine that we spent over half an hour talking of Nonye and what she does as she is ever so happy to talk about that. The doctor was quite interested and wanted some of the center brochure which I eagerly gave. She promised to make out time and drop by the center. I told her about the public lecture the CpCenter is having on the 27th in celebration of the celebral palsy awareness month. She says she’ll like to be there.

Often the doctors are only concerned about the child with Cp, honestly in my five years of taking care of Ziim, no doctor has ever asked me how I cope, so you can understand why I am tripped by this doctor and I feel I should give her one up.



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