We do not need that look!!!

Happiness is an attitude of mind,borne by the simple determination to be happy under all outward circumstancesJ. Donald Walters

I live by this philosophy!!!  I have chosen to be happy. You need not cast us that look! We do not need your pity look.

I know, my daughter has cerebral palsy, that is why her head is wobbly. Yes she is drooling, that is the why for the bib. But not to worry, she is no less a normal child than that other child sitting in the pew. I know you noticed the hands too and the legs. that is Cp. But can you not see that she is happy. She has a good life I can assure you of that.

And me? I am happy, it is choice I have made. I could choose unhappiness, but that now would blure my vision. Being happy makes me see my daughter clearly, makes me see her for what she is….made in the true image of God, God’s Temple, that’s what the priest said today, and I believe him.

So why should I not be happy. Please keep that look away from us. She may not exactly be sunshine, but then, you are not only happy with the sunshine. Yes, try dancing in the rain. I do that daily, and it could be… yes open happiness.

 Ziim at mass today 

                                                   Ziim at mass today…open happiness



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