We got endorsed!!


I have not come in here for a while! I cannot even believe it myself. But I am sure you know I have been busy.

 I never realized how much I was doing until the event was done with. Running round the whole Lagos, looking for sponsors and all that was not easy. Though the people I expected assistance from did not respond, but help came! And it came from the least expected places. Hm…. thank God the event went well, at least that is what I hear.The feedback forms scored us highly, for a first outing,I can humbly say that it was good.  Someone even recognized Ziim and I after mass today. Ha.. You were the lady on Tv the other day, ha.. That’s the baby too! Thank goodness I am not a white woman; I would have blushed to death.

The event was/is to me an endorsement. The fact that all the parents that access therapy from the CpCenter were there from beginning to the end is an endorsement. They were not just there, they participated, and actually they all contributed in their own ways to the success of the event. The teams of experts that traditionally manage children with Cerebral Palsy were well represented and they made presentations. That too is an endorsement.


I must not forget to mention my friends that came, particularly those I have not seen for a very long time, all I did was a phone call and they were there.

One of the outcomes of the event that makes me happy is my reconnection with a childhood family friend who lives in Onitsha. She saw the event on Channels television and sent a text asking to be linked to me. Her number was sent to me. Through her I made contact with a mother whose child has Cp and they live in Onitsha too. The lady called me and by the time we finished talking, she was inspired enough to want to make effort to do what I am doing here, there in Onitsha. She hopes to visit Lagos during the coming Easter holiday.

Endorsement comes with expectations right? Right. Please send us your positive vibes/prayers to live up to expectations. Thank you.

So we have to face the next task we have to achieve this year;  bringing in Conductors to help us set up the CpCenter as an early intervention   center for children with Cp grounded on the principles of Conductive Education.  While we count on your prayers, be sure that you will be the first to know how it progresses.

One other thing of importance that happened this past week, amidst the frenzy of the event is Ziim losing one of her front teeth! Did I not say here that she is growing? So when you see her one sided governor gate, remember you read it.

So what have you been up to this past week? Did you get endorsed in any form?

please follow the link and see pictures of the event if you have not seen them already on facebook.



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