New kid in the (block) Center


 Og joined  us today at the Center. She cried so much untill aunty D started playing with the children. Slowly she  started participating in the play.







Then lunch time she revolted again. Why? Og is used to being carried. Mum is always carrying her. Today, according to her mum is the first time in her five odd years in this planet earth that she sat down on her own to be fed. Yes oh, mum usually puts her on her laps to feed her. And I ask, how will you carry her in the next five years or so? 

We welcome Og to the Center. Nobody carries anybody oh. Youwill learn to carry yourself. You will get to sit by yourself.

                                          Og being fed by mum (sorry bad pic)

Hopefully you will get to sit independenty and do more than that.  With God blessing our effort, you will get to hold your spoon and feed yourself. It may take time, but we have time. Sure it is not going to be easy, but it is possible, for we know that nothing is impossible when you put your trust in God (as our parish athem says).    


See these two, inching up. The rest will follow, by His grace.

Ha, is someone saying Aye for Og and the rest of the children?



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