Cp As Ice Cream



Each time I meet parents and their children with Cp under a roof I marvel at the “differentness” of this condition.  Like in the hospitals, say the Monday neurology clinic at LUTH, the Tuesday and Thursday clinics at Yaba children and adolescent clinic, not to mention the CpCenter that gives me the privilege to see them daily in their “differentness”. Last week, I had yet another oppoturnity of seeing a lot of parents with their children and of curse with Cp manifesting differently on each of them. This was at the Center in East Grinstead. This day, in my conversation with a couple, Mr and Mrs G,  who came with their five year old son, I wondered aloud at the differnt manifestation of Cp on the children; how each child is different from the rest, yet similar. After a brief pause, the mother of the child, Mrs G said; you could look at Cp like different prison sentences, everyone is in prison, but on different terms and conditions. I didn’t quite like that as it sounds gloomy. I did not have time to think of a better comparision to give her for right then, the breaktime was over and I had to go to the oxygen chamber with Ziim and we did not get to talk again.

I like sunshine. There has been quite a lot of it around here this week. Ziim needs some sunshine for much needed vitamine D which I have been told could help reduce her siezures. Yesterday had lots of sunshine, so I took Ziim to Bolton town hall. We could window shop if we are not shopping, eh?. I had promised Ziim that if she was good I will buy ice cream for her without converting the pound to naira. That Ziim can take ice cream is a big improvement in her tolerance for different textures of food. A few years ago, ice cream was one of the things she could not tolerate, but now she enjoys it. Oh did you peep in her diary where she talked about her aunty buying ice cream for her? You should.  

Ziim was good, so I had to keep my promise. We stopped at an ice cream bar, the attendant asked us which type we would like. I stooped down, my face very close to Ziim’s, I  asked her which type she wanted. Not that I was expecting an answer, but I usually like that feeling of having a convesation  with my daughter. Standing up and turning  to the attendant, I asked him which type he has. he said they have differnt types, I could look through the display unit and pick my choice. I looked through, I was spoilt for choice, like my sis would say. Can we have a mixture of different types, I asked. Oh sure, he said, which ones would you like. Hm…I looked at the display again, this time more closely. Ok, use  the bigger cone please, put some vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and a little bit of mint. Would you like some toppings, ma? I thought to myself; that probably will be more money, but it could taste better. Ok, just a little. Thank you. That will be 2 pounds 50  ma. Hm.. 2.50 x..Nonye just for a cone of ice cream…stop, you promised not to do the conversion, so I stopped. I paid, took the cone of ice cream, collected a spoon and went to find a good spot.

We found a good spot and sat down to enjoy our mixed flavoured ice cream. I was not quite sure what it tasted like, you know, a mixture of different types. Ziim enjoyed it, the way she kept opening her mouth for more without prompting confirmed that. When we were through, I called a cab and we went home. On our way, my mind went to the conversation I had on types of Cp with Mr and Mrs G and how Mrs G compared Cp to prison sentences. I did not like that because like I said it sounded gloomy, though it has some true ring tunes when you think of how Cp sort of imprisons the kids. But I choose not to think about that, life is about choices isn’t it?. I have tried to redefine Cp here and am not sure if I made a good job of it. Today, Ziim and I were home all through, have to practice those exercises you know. As I was working on Ziim, my mind went to different types of Cp and for some reason to the ice cream we had yesterday!  Yes, I like sunshine, have said that earlier, so let’s look at different  types of Cp like different types of  ice cream.

When the books describe Cp, they tell you that there are different types. (I am not going to spoil my sunshine post by listing them here, you can read that somewhere else). Let’s just saythat each   child with Cp is a cone of ice cream. Of course we all know that ice cream is sweet, thus it follows that all of them are sweet. (do not think or see in your mind’s eyes what they are yet to do). Each cone could be vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, raspberry ripple, mint chop chip, honney comb, toffee etc. You must have heard that some children have mixed Cp, that’s the mixed flavour like what we had yeaterday. Incidentally Ziim has mixed type of Cp. Some children come with issues like siezures, drooling, clonus etc, those are the toppings, just like we had ours topped yesterday. Is it a coincidence that Ziim came with toppings too, she has siezure disorder, she drools and hm..the clonus is there…no wonder she is so sweet.

See her

I think this is a better  more sunshinny rather than that one on prison sentence wouldn’t you say?  I will like to know.