Where we are

Have you realizes how time seems to pass faster once you have set a date for doing anything? It always appears so for me or rather it always is so for me. So it was that when I put a date to this trip that we on now, the date just sort of came so fast that it almost became like an unplanned trip. But plan I did, or did I? I think I spent so much time worrying about it that the date almost came suddenly to me. Why? You know now, se’bi I talked about my worries with travels here. We needed to make this trip, I have postponed it since, and I have even tried to find reasons not to go.

Severally in the past few weeks, I have tried to justify my reason(s) for not going; should I spend all this money for this trip? Tickets for Ziim and myself, accommodation for five nights and feeding, local transportation,  hm…. I was talking moaning to my friend aunty D, actually hoping that she would lend me some support not to make the trip. I think you should go, Nonye, you haven’t been since last year. Don’t look at the money, look at the benefits. Well, I talk with Linda (the director of the Center we visit) and she supports me by email. But you know it is not the same as you going there and she assessing Ziim and giving new sets of exercises. Of course I do. But is Ziim showing any improvement at all? Ha, Nonye, na you dey ask this? Even a blind man can see that, at least he can hear her. Look at the other children you apply the same therapy on, particularly Promise and Amina, and even Princess that started a couple of months ago, actually all of them show some sort of improvement, subtle, but the improvements are there. Hm.. the support is not coming, so go, I have to,  and now, it has to be before summer when fares will sky rocket .

Once I decided agreed to myself to go, I had to make the psychological preparation I need when travelling with a child with Cp like Ziim. That done, so it was that on Thursday the 10th of May we sent out to the queens land on board the royal Dutch airline, KLM. But before we sent out, Ziim had to be made to look like the princess that she is. So aunty Ify came to the house that morning to fix her hair the only she alone can.

Take a look


almost done

Done! Voila!

We almost missed our flight, or so I thought. When I thought we were running late, I came down from the car (my cousin Oj was taking us to the airport), grabbed my baby and took a bike aka okada. Yes o, took a bike. Just imagine Ziim and mummy on an okada.   

just imagine this to be mummy &Ziim

Hmm…  I knew that will put a smile on your face. In no time we were at the airport (did they say they want to barn okada in Lagos? Please they shouldn’t) I quickly tried to check in, informing the checking in clerk that my luggage was on its way. Why he asked. I explained to him that I thought I was running late and had to take the quickest mode of transport to be sure not to miss my flight. We still had a bit of time, so if I sit somewhere and let him know as soon as my luggage arrives, he would check me in. Fifty minutes later, Oj called that he was almost there, so I went outside to wait. Shortly he arrived with my niece, Ug who helped with the luggage, we ran in and was barely able to check in before the counter was closed. Hm…

Going through immigration and security checks were fast as we did not need to join the queue, benefits of travelling with a VIP did I hear you say. It was almost like we travelled business class or is it first class. Did you say that Nonye don hammer? Hmm not really, but when on a row of four seats and only Ziim and I are the passengers on the row, what will it look like? You will stretch out like or almost like the business class passengers. I had fed Ziim and given her medication while waiting for boarding, so as soon as the aircraft took off, she fell asleep. I tucked her in nicely and she did not wake until we arrived Amsterdam.

sleeping beauty

Two hours later, we were off to Manchester, no, we did not get to sit alone on a row of four seats, the flight was full and it was a short one anyway. Ziim got to eat her breakfast and take her medication. She was really happy and rested by the time we arrived Manchester airport. Going through customs and immigrations were so quick that I gave myself an internal pat on the shoulder for making the decision to fly to Manchester instead of Heathrow. Last time we went through Heathrow, it took us forever to go through immigration, the crowd was so much that by the time we got to the immigration officer, Ziim was so thoroughly tired that she couldn’t keep her head up for half a second. She was flopping so much that the officer thought she was sick, I had to convince her that she was just tired. Anyway, I did not like the experience and I wanted to sort of take a breather in Manchester before proceeding to East grinstead and after before coming home.

From Manchester airport we took a train to Bolton. I did not want to stress my sis coming all the way to pick us plus that I want to experience things first hand; how does a mother with a child with Cp like Ziim navigate the system without help from her sister? Here in the queen’s land it’s a lot easier, the system has “grown” if I may put it that way. Putting it that way makes me feel “less bad” about our system as it gives me feeling that we shall grow too. Ziim enjoyed the train ride, she kept laughing at the squeaking of the train, she likes such sounds.


on the train to Bolton

 In about 40mins we were at Bolton train station, I called my sis and in no time she was there to take us home. Pleasantries over, freshened up and down to gist. Sis took a clinical look at Ziim and I heard her say “there is a tremendous improvement on zimuzo”, that was like music in my ears!! All my apprehension about the trip flew through the windows. Oh did I tell you that my sis is a pead as in paediatrician?  Yes she is, so when she said there is an improvement, there has to be.  So, truly all the money and stress is not wasted.

We had our breather; Ziim had a good time with her cousins, I had somesister time with my sister andof course her husband. Sunday after mass we had lunch and took a train from Manchester Piccadilly to East Grinstead. The train ride was good. Angels were at the Victoria station to help us through the escalators, that was a concern for my sis. But we got by alright. 

We arived East Grinstead safe and sound. Monday morning saw us at the center and when Linda greeted us with “oh my God she looks so well”, I had no doubt in my mind that it is true.So we are here for five days. Ziim has been evaluated and I am happy with the result, I am being  taught new sets of exercises. Please God they will go a long way to helping her make further progress while we wait for CE.

So if you have been looking out for us in the streets of Lagos, this is where we are; in the queens land. And where are you?


One thought on “Where we are

  1. Sister,
    I’m glad you guys are fine! I was looking at for your blogs now I know why I did not see any last week.



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