Back to Bolton

Time flies, they say. Thus our five days in East Grinstead is up. We are headed back to Bolton Manchester, en route home.

One of the things I love about coming to this center is the families I meet. Each time I come, I meet new families from different parts of the  globe, some can barely speak English. For the first time I met a “sister” from Africa..Uganda. 

This visit is about the best I have made. Ziim was happy and very coperative unlike the previous ones that she used to cry a lot. Getting her to lie down for the exercises was a challenge. I must say that she has made a lot of progress. During the evaluation, I realized that she may have problem with her vision. Though we have been given some eye exercises that may help , I will look for an eye person as soon as we get back. Any recomendation?

We have been given new sest of exercises to take us till the next visit. I was able to get the director’s advice on some issues about some of the children in the Cpcenter. We did HBOT, she was quite relaxed in the chamber. So we’ll go home, work and pray, then save up money for the next trip. We can do with a bit of prayers from you too. Thank you.

Ileave you with  some pics of us.

The director, Linda with Ziim on Monday. see how happy Ziim was.

In HBOT chamber


2 thoughts on “Back to Bolton

  1. […] Hm..Mrs B called this morning to give me the news that her daughter passed on last night. I am here, so I said I would visit when I get back homw. One hour after she called, I called her back, spoke […]


  2. Alexandra Gavrilenko

    Hi big dreams all right, silver at Nationals in Spain and 16 seconds of the 200m breaststroke, best time in 50m breaststroke! That’s me dream coming true tanks to people like you and Linda. Way to go Nonye, CP is not a life sentence, just a challenge!
    Alex from Spain


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