Diary…(Ziim’s that is)

I sometimes feel that kids these days are pressured too much when it comes to academics. I feel they hardly have time to be kids, too much book. I think it is between too much book and too much television, probably too much bookis better.

This afternoon, while my brother-in-law was going out (said he has some paper work to do in the office), to keep his 4 and 6yr olds away from the Tv, he gave them extra homework. The 21/2yr old can not be kept away with homework yet so he was spared. Mum, that’s my sis, has gone to the hair dresser or rather hair braider. For the 6yr old, Odi who is just 4 months older than Ziim, her homework entailed writing her diary for today. Writing Diary? For a 6yr old   I wondered. She must be used to it for she verbally went through the procedure with daddy; she checked the calender to confirm today’s date then set out to narrate all she had done from since she woke up till that time which was about 1.45p.m. Satisfied, dad asked her  to put them down in her diary and not to near the lounge to watch Tv until she was done.

Odi is a very smart little girl. In a short while I saw her going towards the lounge. I was in kitchen feeding Ziim. My people say that an adult can not be at home while the female goat gives birth still tied to the barn, so I put on that corrective aunty cap; Didi, are done? Daddy said no Tv unless you finish your home work. Yes, aunty, I have written everything. Ok let me see. (please note that this conversation was done in Ibo language as there is a mandate that the official language at home and anytime the children talk to auties and uncles is Ibo) She brought her diary, and truely she has written everything. I noted the spelling mistakes, but asked her to leave them that way for her daddy  to see. Didi is brilliant. Most of the spelling mistakes are actually the confussion most people, not necessarily kids face with English language and some of what one may call their “confusing”  pronounciations. For instance, in the word school, the “ch” (K) is pronounced k, as in skool thus a child wanting to write the past tense of wake which is woke may write woch. She may also in her writing the past tense of read which is spelt read but pronounced differently, she may write raid, that is something like how she is taught to pronounce it.

This evening, I figured that were Ziim not spared this academic pressure (let me add yet) by the effects of Cp, she too would have been ask to write her diary if not her autobiagraphy. I decided to write her diary for her today. Just like her cousin Od, she just would have had those confusions too. Please read on.

Date: 19th May, 2012.

Ziim’s diary. Confidential

When I woch up, mummy was up alredy. We praid. At about 7.30 in the morning, mummy gave me a bath. She tuck me down stairs and gave me my medsine and brekfast. I had witabix. I was alone in the hause  with mummy. Aunty If has gone to mache her hair. My cousins have gone for swimming lesson with their dad. Wish I could go.

Mummy Took me to the lounge, we wached Tv. Mummy plaid with me. At about  11.00.m, mummy noticed that I wanted to make popo, she took me upstairs but it was not coming. I was feeling to, but it refused to come. Mummy says it is because of my muscles. After about 30mins it still did not come even though I was trying. Mummy put something, she says it is suposotary or something like that. She put it thru  my bum bum, the popoo still did not come. Ha, Ziim, I have to take you to the bathroom and help you, it is about three days and you still have not have bowel movement. That was my mummy. So mummy took me to the wash room and did what she and gran ma O that lives off Randle street call “manual evacuation”. Hm…..I was soooo relieved!! Thank you mummy, you are the bestest.

At 1.40p.m mummy gave me lunch. I ate sweet potatos with carrot, green pepper and egg..yummii, I said my mummy is the bestest, thank God for my mummy.

After lunch I plaid with my cousins. They brought their toys to play with me. I like them.

When my aunty came bach, we went to the mall, it is called the straford  senta, it is far from my aunty’s haus. Mummy bought somethings we shall use at the Cpsenta when we get home. My aunty paid for her, my aunty is so nice, God bless aunty too. Oh, I forgot to write that before we left, aunty brought plenty plenty big dressis for mummy to wear for me, she says it is cold outside,so when you see me looking fat in pictures, it is the plenty plenty dressis I wear, yes they are fleece and coat and they are my cousin own, I like my cousin, God bless her too. We took ice cream at the that place, I like it very much.

At that senta, we saw some peple promoting para olymichs,  mummy say it is olympich for people with different abilities like me. See me and my mummy there.

my mummy sitting on the wheelchair & testing how they play basket ball


My mummy “playing”, and me cheering

I catch the ball!!!

I had fun. Thank you mummy, thank you aunty If for taking us.

When we came back, I sat in the lounge with my cousins. Uncle Ug raid a story for us. thank you uncle Ug, I like you too, God bless you.

At 7.30p.m. mummy tooch me to the kichin and gave me medsin, then she gave me my dinner. I ate oat, I like oat very very well, mummy put plenty plenty milk. Mummy thank you, God bless you.

After, mummy took me upstes, she did not bath me, this place isvery very cold, she klined me and put me to bed. Mummy praid and sang  a song. Mummy sings this song often;

Because He lives, we can face tomorrow” 

As she sings, I sleep off, thanking God for my mummy. And yes, all my cousins, my aunties, uncles, friends, gran mas……..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


2 thoughts on “Diary…(Ziim’s that is)

  1. Sis, I can see you guys are catching fun. good to know that. make una remember me ooo!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. […] cream was one of the things she could not tolerate, but now she enjoys it. Oh did you peep in her diary where she talked about her aunty buying ice cream for her? You […]


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