Six Years Today!!!!

Time flies! A cliche’ that is, but true. I remember how tiny you were when you were placed in my arms.

Baby Ziim

baby Ziim in mummy’s arms



Now look at you, (us:)) so grown!

Big girl Ziim and mum


I thought I had so much to teach a child, but you, my child has become my teacher.

You have taught me so much. You have taught me patience. You have taught me that to give is to give one’s self. You have taught me compassion. You have taken me to a world I knew not that existed!…the world of different abilities!! Above all, you have taught me what  love truely is; loving without expectation. Love is a lot more than words!

 You are six today! Spiritually six denotes the human number for man was created on the sixth day. Six is believed to be the bridge between humanity and divinity. There is usually something special about the figure six, often gives the “HO!” feeling, like when the dice comes out six in the game of ludo. You added “special” to me, for you are a special child thus making me a special mum.     

You, Ziim is that path He has shown me to life, for the path to eternal life surely is beriddled with joyful pain. Daily in your silence you teach me that my life’s journey is not a sprint dash, that I need to take it easy like a marathon runner. You daily, silently remind me to enjoy where we are  today instead of worriedly watching out for what is ahead of us, for He lives.

I love you my baby girl! My teacher! Thank you for continuously teaching me.  Happy birthday!!


4 thoughts on “Six Years Today!!!!

  1. Chizm,
    Happy birthday!.
    Sweet sister, I can’t but confess that I marvel at the inner stamina and depth of wisdom that you manifest since Chizm came into your life and our life. In deed God has a lesson to teach us all in the life of Chizm and each day he opens a new page for us.

    We pray for the wisdom and humility to open our minds and hearts to learn the lesson He has for us in the life of Chizm


  2. Happy Birthday ZIiim! I’m so proud of you and how far you’ve come in six years! Keep growing in grace and keep smiling. Aunty Tobi loves you!!!!


  3. […] this feeling of gratitude and excitment! The previous day, the 10th of June, my teacher had turned six and I could not believe that we made it this far. A couple of weeks preceeding that day, I had […]


  4. Very beautiful picture of Zim-Zim and you. Both of you look good and “fresh”. well done! Chineke bu Eze.


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