My life As A Book

I woke up Monday morning with this feeling of gratitude and excitment! The previous day, the 10th of June, my teacher had turned six and I could not believe that we made it this far. A couple of weeks preceeding that day, I had allowed myself to be drawn into this space where I was temporarily blind to the goodness and blessings that sorround me.  But that Sunday, we went for mass,  later one of my sis’s came in from Abuja and we went out for ice cream with friends in Ogunsanya the mall. I made sure Ziim had fun, I must add that she behaved quite well as if she was aware that she just hit the special figure six.

We got home about 7.30p.m, I gave Ziim her medication, food, gave her a bath and put her to bed. By the time and lay down besides her, I was able to xray my feelings and honestly, as the song instructed; I counted my blessings and named them one by one, and truely it surprised me what the Lord has done for me.

Yes, a few things do not seem to “jell” as I thought they would have hence the feeling of despondency that made me blind albeit temporarily to my blessings. Ok, I had thought that we would be able to bring in the conductors this summer for a trial session of Conductive Education. It may not work out now, but that does not mean that it will not in the future, so why feel down. As I was in that space, I failed to see that even though the children do not seem to be progressing in leaps are bounds, they definitely are not regressing.

As I counted my blessings, I counted Andrianne  who sent me these beautiful arm and leg wraps from Australia that helped me to see/bring out the goodness in the children.

See how far they have come.  

Promise, attempt at weight bearing






Counting my blessings and feeling greatful, I decided that I should take my life journey with these children as a book, the stories there in I must learn to enjoy reading. As I flip through the pages, I see my past, present and future. I will live my present with the lessons learnt from the past and the vision of hope for the future, ensuring that I find joy and happiness today. Like Michael Smith  would say, I will “no longer rush life”, I will “enjoy the read”.



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