Joyful Visit


 I know what you thought as soon as you saw the pictures……….No… not what you thought.

Last week was so one kind for me, I hardly stopped to breath!

So yesterday, to sort of take a breather and start the new week,  Ziim and mummy took a ride to a town after Ikorodu to visit. It was a joyful visit, to welcome baby L. Ziim got to play big aunti as you can see.

Took an hour and half going and about an hour coming back. Far?? The road to a friend’s house is never far. Yes? Yes. Mr and Mrs L are our friends. We share that joy and pain of parenting butterflies with broken wings. Last month, they welcomed a sister to their butterfly and yesterday we went to share their joy. 

It is with this joyful spirit that we start this week. I hope yours will be joyful too. 



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