See who visited us!!

Parents of children with disabilities share the same challenges albeit in different degrees.  Here in our dear country, there is this “embarassing” look  that is cast at you when you make “bold” to appear in public with your child with disability.

Very few parents have the “liver” to flaunt their children with disabilities, particularly ones that bother on appearances. As we all know,  the eye does not like that which it percieves to be ugly.  So when we got a visit from a mother who parents a child with disability and has triumphed over religious and cultural  pressures in this part of the world, it was a joyous occassion for us at the Center. That was yesterday. She came with her angel through whom she has touched a lot of angels whose wings got broken on their way to earth. Through her, she has helped so many go through corrective heart surgeries; heart problem being a fairly common condition with children with their type of disorder.

We had spoken on the phone. She said she  had heard about us and would come to see what we do here and see how we can work together. It is more like her teaching me how to walk the ropes, for her angel is now an adult and she has been in the business of helping children like her daughter live above barriers placed by the society for ten years.

It was quite educative for me.  Thanks Mrs Mordi, the national president of DSFN 


Mrs Mordi and her angel

with the children and staff, mrs Mordi carrying Princess.

Mrs Mordi with the children


One thought on “See who visited us!!

  1. Chinelo Ujubuonu

    This is good and encouraging. Kudos to you for persevering and keeping true to what you passionately love. God bless you and keep safe the dream of your life.


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