Upping my spirit

One of the things that keeps my spirit up in this journey in which I daily ask God to show me the path (Chizimuzo) is looking at pictures. They tell me how far we have come.

This is Amin. She came in Monday wearing this jeans top and bottom. She says she wanted to stand, she was not going to cry she said. She showed off her outfit, said her mummy bought it for her. We put her to stand, and true to her words, she did not cry! When we ( we, here  could be what A may call barefoot therapists) started this procedure a few months ago, she would cry out her eyes, but we persisted she persisted, today she enjoys it.

Here is Ziim, she is yet to start enjoying being put to stand, understandably why,  we she is not relenting, one day, just one day. 

Does not resist sitting so much

Standing…. a different ball game. Cry cry, but I know in years to come, I’ll look at this pic and get my spirit upped

Now here is AY! He can now sit on the stool!! And with no  support (little let me add) stand. Hm…Lord!

sitting on the stool

Ay, helping him to play while standing

One other thing that ups my spirit is reading blogs of mothers with children with special needs.  Though all of them are from the developed world ( we know we are still developing here, aren’t we?), reading them gives me hope that may be one day we here will develop and give our children the opportunity to do exploits. One I read often is Elliene and I read this last night and the ecxitment I got from it kept  woke me up at 2 a.m! Please read it.

 Everyone is on a journey, and once in a while, the spitit tends to go down, what ups your spirit at such times?


5 thoughts on “Upping my spirit

  1. Great work de mamma!


  2. Alexandra Gavrilenko

    Cool pictures and great progress!


  3. nonix,keep up the good work.inspirational


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