Where did you see Him?

The children came into CpCenter asking to see Jesus. That was on Thursday, I was out attending a seminar organized by the Down Syndrome Foundation Nigeria. A staff called me, saying  that we had some guests. I said for me to speak with anyone of the them. He gave the phone to a lady who introduced herself as Mrs. O, she had come with her children to spend time with the children at the Center she said.  I said I was sorry I was out, but was glad they came. Could they stay for a while she asked. Oh, sure, please do stay till lunch time. One member of staff was absent and with me out, some extra pairs of hands will come in handy during lunch.

About 1.15, I decided to leave the seminar and go back to the Center,  my curiosity got the better part of me, I wanted to meet the family. I came to meet Mrs. O struggling to feed Enoch. I relieved her of that. Amina who usually feed herself,  for some reason lost that ability, she could not feed herself and also lost her voice too. She usually does loose her voice at the sight of a stranger. I asked her if she wanted to be fed, she nodded a yes. Would she want our guest, Master Eb to feed her she nodded a yes!  Master Eb fed her and she ate all her food.

See her.

Master Eb and Amina


After lunch Eb and her two sisters played with the children in the Center, two of our children were absent that day.

play time


With Mrs O


no doubt the CpCenter children were happy

I talked with Mrs O. She told me that the children wanted to come and see Jesus here. They were with us until the Center closed. We prayed or rather they prayed. I was surprised, pleasantly so! Each of the children prayed, thanking God for giving them the privilege to visit with these children and asked God to  cure them. I caught their mother wiping away tears. Earlier they had asked questions about the children’s condition, why their (some of them) heads drop, why they drool, why is their food “like this” and such things. I tried as much as I could to answer to their. They brought presents for the children. As the leave, they promised to come back, they are on holiday, could they come with their friends. Oh yes.

Ok, the “see Jesus” aspect. Well, it happened that the children were at mass on Saturday morning, the 11th of August, it was the feast of St. Claire. The priest  in his sermon talked  a bit about the life of saint Claire, the need for us to emulate her, to be closed to man and be open to the will of God. He then went on to talk on the gospel reading, something to do with faith. I honestly do not remember all he said, sebi you know that sleep has a way of coming to you during sermon. But I heard him saying that often we run around looking for Jesus, but he comes to us everyday in different forms, it could as a beggar, a child or anybody. He said he saw Jesus with brain injury at 37B Bode Thomas, asking the congregation to go there and they will see Him. I cannot tell you all he said, but I practically ran out of the church as soon as communion started. Why? Why not? I could not bear to face some members of the congregation who know me. Ha, that person he  
talked about that works with “Jesus” could not have been me!

These children came, asking to see Jesus. Their mother explained to them, that Jesus is in each of these children  here in the Center, in spite of their apparent disabilities. That they should be treated with love and respect for they are made in the image of God.

I see someone showing some love here


I hope they met Him and that He blesses them abundantly.

And I ask, where did you go to look for Jesus this past week? Did you see Him?


2 thoughts on “Where did you see Him?

  1. well spoken and well written. Kudos in the good work you do. May God continue to give you strength and love to carry out his work


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