We resolved the dilemma.

I think my dilemma of what to do with Ziim while I go for choir rehearsal is resolved.  Well, at least for now. I did say here that Thursdays are settled, leaving weekends. Last week Saturday I had to take her for rehearsals. She got to meet my choir members and she sang quite well not minding that she sang out of tune sometimes. They dotted on her. Taking her along on Sundays won’t be that simple as yours truly will have to robe. The choir is in need of members so it will not be nice for me not to join the few members on Sundays at mass. What do I do?

Last week Sunday, we went to visit Ziim’s God mother. She had told me severally to always bring Ziim to her house anytime I need some me time. It is an offer I have been slow at taking, she has been so supportive that I am trying not to abuse her kindness.  But I know that taking Ziim to her house is good for Ziim as there are children to play with her or be around her. So when we visited last Sunday and her God mother reminded me of the offer she made years ago, I did not hesitate to take it. I left Ziim with her, there are other adults at home so even if she goes out, I know that Ziim will be fine. When I picked Ziim later, I knew that she had a good time. With this, my wahalah is sorted, Thursdays she is with Ifek and other children, Saturdays I take her along and Sundays, she is at her God mother’s in very good company. Good!

But this Saturday I could not take her along for rehearsals. There is a novena going on and my choir was to sing at the novena mass. It was no problem leaving her at her God mother’s, they were actually happy to have her. Grandma is around and she found not just good company with Ziim, but she is determined that she learns to eat with her hands, did not know that she is an OT. They even hold their conversation. She has asked that I bring along her Ziim’s chair when next we are coming. I will remember that.

Now you know where to find Ziim while her mum goes “a singing”.


2 thoughts on “We resolved the dilemma.

  1. Nonye i am so happy for you, thank you for the other day


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