Our new team member!

By Friday, I felt like renegotiating her salary! I started feeling that may be I should have offered her something different.

She came on the recommendation of an OT that works in one home for children with disabilities. You may actually call him my human resource person.  He it is who links me up with OTs, but we usually have issues with salary. Haa Aunty Nonye, what you are offering is rather small, no OT will work for that. But I have told you that what I do is no work, besides the parents pay nothing thus I cannot afford to pay that fat salary you people ask for. For now, it is what I can offer  comfortably, at least for now, this is charity, the Center will grow to get support and when it does,trust me I will pay fat salary. For now, I need someone with a good heart with whom the Center will grow. Ok aunty, I will put words out for you. Please look out for someone that is energetic, I added. Of course you know you need lots of energy to help get the children move around.

Sometimes last month, this young lady came, my HR guy had called earlier that she was on her way. We talked, I liked her, she sounded like she reads beyond her lecture notes. Yes you guessed right, salary was issue. But we agreed  I insisted on a particular amount, I cannot swallow more than I can chew or is it the other way round. At the end she relented, at least let’s see how it goes.

She started Monday last week and she has so blended into what we do. I had told her that we try out things that the “orthodox church goers” may find sacrilegious but we go ahead and do them once we are certain they bring no harm but good to the children. Ma, I like trying out new things, most of what I do were not taught us in school, they are things I read and see in educational films. Hm.. did I not say she sounded like she reads beyond her lecture notes? The internet is a good source too.

I watched her work, with little or no prompting. She seems not to be the straight jacketed OT. She is curious too. Wanted to know about the main therapy we do, I explained and sent her to read further on the internet. I am sounding excited eh? You may say so.

When she tried something on  Amina on Friday, I told her that I was waiting to get some money and make wall brackets to be able to that. But we can always improvise, she replied promptly and did.  You are right, I am happy.

That’s her at work

with Ziim


with Ziim


With Chidalu

She tried this on 1st on Amina last week Wednesday. You can imagine the cry cry

By yesterday Amina was asking to be put up this way. They both counted to 20 severally!!l

By yesterday Amina was asking to be put up this way. They both counted to 20 severally!!l What joy!

Now you know why I am thinking of an upward review of salary. She has a good disposition too, did I say that already? Ok welcome our new team member!





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