That They May See

 Would you want a photograph of her? No. She replied, with surprise on her face. I guess she was not expecting the question. I had to ask because of the way she was staring at Ziim.  She almost fell down as she was not looking where she was going, so I thought that a picture of Ziim will be appreciated by her that way she can stare at it anytime she likes. I was glad she said no for I did not have my camera with me. Anyway, I may have found one of those photographers that hang around the church. 

Today is one of those Sundays that we get to receive a lot of stares from people in the church. Nothing special, just that today’s gospel reading was on the healing of the blind beggar Bartimaeus.  The priest that celebrated the mass dwelt so much on asking and receiving,  saying that God has the power to do all things. He is the same God that healed yesterday and He still heals today, all we need is faith and must not give up. For effect, (my thinking) the priest left the pulpit and came closer to the congregation, walking  up and down and the congregation was showing that “they were loving it” if you get what I mean, with the shouts of deafening “Amen”. This lady besides us kept looking from Ziim to me with this look, as if urging me to claim her healing. I just kept a straight face and consciously refused to meet her eyes. After mass, she “informed” me that “your baby will be healed, just have faith”. To her surprise shock, I told her that my baby has no need for healing, that it is the people around who need healing. She was, mildly put, speechless. I was about to  explain to her what I meant, but she did not wait then I noticed the clown I talked about above gaping at Ziim.

But then I started thinking; why does a lot of people think only of physical healing when we talk of healing. Honestly Ziim does not need healing! It is the society in which she and her likes live that need to be healed of their blindness so that their needs will be recognized and provided for. Healing is not only physical, today my prayer is that God may open the eyes of people, doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, the priests, pastors, government officials in this country, give them a new Vision, open their minds, consciences so that they may begin to see and provide the needs of children like Ziim. That they will begin to see and understand that these children too are made by God and are our children, brothers and sisters. That their eyes may be opened that they may see and begin to provide for these children enabling environment so that they will soar and achieve that which the Almighty has destined for them.

Like Bartimeaus, I will ignore all distractions in whatever form they may come, I will surmount all obstacles even if I have to throw off my cloak and scream  and believe that God who pays attention, who shows compassion will answer, that they may SEE