Excuse or Reason

Have not been around here for a while. Nothing said eh? Just making a statement of fact. Not for want of subject matter, so much happened daily, but I have been occupied, so much so that I used to literally stand waiting for the dawn to break! So much to do squeeze in within the 24 hours that made a day. Don’t know how I survived it, but that I am writing this says that I did! And am I thankful?

Organizing a fund raising event was not like organizing a Christmas party! It was  one event I never wanted to be the organizer. In my dreams I had thought someone will organize it and invite me as the guest speaker. Dreams eh? Is it not said that the world is usually better in dreams? The reality was that I had to do everything!! Up until about 6.30p.m the day preceding the event, I was out buying fish and chicken at Ijora! Then I raced from there to Lawanson to pick up the tomatoes I had asked my customer from my fast food days  to buy for me from mile 12. It was at this point that we discovered that the fish seller probably slammed the boot of the car so hard that as I was about to open it, the cable cut, (you could say the effect of seeing better days)  meaning that I could not open the boot, meanwhile I had cartons of fish and chicken in it.

How did we survive without the mobile phones? I was able to get my panel beater, big thanks to the mobile phone. At 8p.m he was in my house, succeeded to open the boot and saved me the problem of not only losing the fish and chicken, but of having a stinking car the next day.

When the heavens opened their windows at about 2 a.m that Thursday morning, I had hoped that the rains will stop before the dawn breaks, but to my surprise, it went on pouring past mid day! Hm……..you know Lagos, rain–flood—traffic, lots of excuse!

To my surprise amazement shock, people started turning up!! My first shock was the arrival of my brother, he must have been on the road for over four hours! Okay, he is my brother so what do I expect, I heard you. The rain was a good excuse and I would have understood, hm.. Okay, how about the chairman who arrived right on time!! I was not even ready, yes, I said the rain was heavy and I was almost certain we were going to cancel. But we did not, it went on.

I wondered why some people turned up irrespective of rains and its effect on Lagos. I spoke to a guest about it and she said to me; “the rain  was a good reason for me to come. When the rain was not stopping, I said to myself that I must find a way to be there because if everyone stayed back, who would be there”.  She came from Idumu, now that is some distance for one who does not drive!

I always say that when you do not want to do something, you find excuse not to, sometimes, nature presents you with the “excuse”, but when you want to do something, you find a reason to. Oftentimes that same excuse nature presents to you will be the same reason someone else has for doing that same thing. It depends on you what you want to do! Should I say that nature aids you to do that which you want to?

In this my journey, I have met people, even parents of children with disabilities who wonder why I do “all these” because of Ziim considering that she has a severe case of CP.  I know a parent whose excuse for not seeking help for her child is because according to her “the girl’s case is serious, she is not going to improve anyway”. Says who, I ask. For me,  that Ziim is severely involved is the reason I do what I do. There are no excuses!


How about you, how do you take circumstances nature present  to you? Excuse  not to or Reason to do something, dare I add something good?

PS. The event went well.  See. We did not meet our target; a reason to have another one.


Ziim…reason for the Center

Did I say we had a new intake last week? See him …another reason for the Cerebral Palsy Center.


another reason for the Center

Davido …another reason for the Center


One thought on “Excuse or Reason

  1. Chinelo Ujubuonu

    My prayer for you is for God to continue to give you the grace to continue.


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