The day I thought my life ended!!!

I am looking at the hospital card!!  It was exactly six year ago!! Owerri Sick Bay (Children’s Medical Center) I had paid, I think five hundred Naira or so to obtain the card No. 2439/2006. Dated 28/11/2006.

 I had traveled from my town, a journey of about an hour and half but it was like thirty minutes because I was so anxious to get started on treatment. I waited for what appeared to be forever. Finally the doctor came in, it got to my turn. Carrying my five months old baby, I went into the consulting room. I showed the doctor my baby, laid my complain; her head is not sitting/standing, that is the neck has failed to do its job of holding the head in place, at five months, there is no sign that she wants to sit etc etc… . The doctor, pulling her hand stated ; madam, this child has cerebral palsy, what happened? How do you mean doctor? I asked in total confusion. I said this child has cerebral palsy, what happened at birth? Oh, I was not at the point of birth. How do you mean?  Now it was his turn to be confused. My daughter is adopted. Then take her back, you can not take care of a child like this. By the way, where did you adopt from? Through  the ministry here. Please take her back, you can not parent her, such a child should never be given out for adoption. They usually bring babies for assessment here from the ministry, I can not remember their bringing in this baby.  Pulling out his letter headed paper, he wrote a note and ask that I take back the baby to the ministry.I could not ask him what was cerebral palsy. But I needed no explanation to know that it is not something nice.

At the ministry, the director looked at the letter, then at the baby, not meeting my eyes, she said; madam, we’ll arrange for another baby for you. You will not be able to take care of this baby. Think of the future. My life stopped, ended….or so I thought!

That was six years ago!!! I did not realize then that that day was not the end of my life, that it was the beginning of my life. It was the day my life took the path it should. The day I started the journey of learning to live for others. The day I started leaning to love without expectation, without hold back,  to give all without expecting a pay back. A very difficult but fulfilling journey. It was the day that, that which I asked God for came to bare. I had named my baby Chizimuzondu… God show me the path of life, and on that day, I realized that I have been carrying the path with me for five months!  For what better is the path of life than that which is lined with joyful sacrifice and love.