Buying Cortex

The man, after we have bargained and agreed on a price,  brought the new item. Mr. A and I made an attempt at inspecting it to ascertain that it was what we ordered. I noted that the make was different from what I ordered and pointed that out. Ha madam, this make is a lot better than that one you asked for, that one is China but this one is Korea. I am giving you one year guarantee, I will write it on the receipt. Well, you know me very well, if I have issues with it you will see my other side. Madam, I know you now, that is why I do not want to give you that other one, believe me. Ok, go and fix it.  In a short while he was done, it’s only an exchange, I paid him. He  removed the old one and exchanged it with the new one he brought.

Haba Aunty Nonye, is that how you buy things? You just paid him like that, you do not even know if it good or not. That was Madam Rose, her child has CP and she was at the Center at that time. Yes o, madam Rose, that is how I buy things I have  very little or no knowledge about. I buy from a seller I know fairly well and if I have issues with the item I go back and make wahala with him. The man knows me very well, he has once in the past sold a fake   item to me, I did not know at the time, but three months after I had problem with it, I went to him, made so much trouble that I got my full money back. You mean it? In this country? I am telling you the fact, ask Mr. A, that’s why I reminded him that he knows me very well.  He has given me one year guarantee and he knows well that I will not forget in a hurry.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the problems of our children can be solved as easily as this? Just an exchange, a replacement!   I said with a mischievous smile on my face. Aunty Nonye, I know that one day it will be, I know the white man is not resting and will not rest until they find a solution to the problem. Ok o, make we dey pray for that. She thought for a while, Aunty Nonye, do you know that this problem is very simple? Really? And it is taking them forever to solve it? How may I ask? Alright; you told me that the problem with these our children stems from the brain, damage to parts of the brain. Yes I said so, that is what the books say. Then, those parts could be replaced. You mean like doing organ transplant, like  heart or kidney, I even hear they do eye transplant these days. That is it, Aunty Nonye!!  brain transplant!! I had to try very hard not to roll on the floor with laughter!

Before the man came in, I was talking about Cerebral Palsy with madam Rose and how it affects the children differently. Nine children were present at the CpCenter yesterday and we were looking at the “differentness” of Cp.  I have looked at it differently here. But essentially, it is a brain and nervous problem. It is the brain (I understand) that is damaged, principally the cortex,  thus depending on which part of the cortex and the extent to which it is damaged, that determines how the child comes out. Okay, if it is the cortex that is the issue, why can it not be replaced? That is the thought of madam Rose? And thinking of it seriously, why cann’t the surgeons do a brain transplant or specifically a cortex transplant? That way I can just call a supplier like I just called the battery supplier, a trusted and tested one may I add, buy a good brand and pronto replace the ailing part like I just replaced my ailing battery!!

What do you guys think? Wouldn’t that be “wonderment”? I need a donor supplier. I will like to buy a cortex  no ten “cortexes” please, since I now have ten children in the center, shouldn’t be selfish eh. And while you are on it, I say thank you in advance.

Oh here is what it looks like: Thanks to Google.


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