Thanksgiving 1

It is harvest and thanksgiving in my church tomorrow, but I want to start my thanksgiving now.

This week has been one filled with surprises..pleasant ones. I got to the Center first thing on Monday and one of the Center staff, Mr.Athan handed a brown envelope to me. He said a man gave it to him shortly before I came in.  He said he thinks the man used to be one of my customers from my Delicante’ days. Thinking it was a letter, anxious to know the content, I quickly ripped it open. You won’t believe what fell out! Istarted screaming!!

Who did you say the man was? I screamed. Running towards me to pick up the contents that fell out of the envelop, he was too shocked to say anything, in fact he looked confused. He was not sure who the man was, he said the man did not come in when he told him that I was not at the  Center yet, he simply gave the envelop to him and told him his name. The only person I know that bears that name is the last person I expected to receive such an envelope from. I was really angry with Mr. A for not letting the man drop a note or at least get his last name. I took the envelope home, placed it on the head of my bed , placed my crucifix and rosary on it, and daily asked God to bless this man and also  if He wills to let me know who this man is.

Thursday, I was supposed to attend a seminar, but when I woke up, I did not feel right going. If I were a bold “christian sister” I will say that God told me not to go. But I just will say that my conscience did not allow me to go. Why? We were down to three staff and there were ten children in the center, how could I go for a seminar with that type of situation. I decided to delegate Mr. Athan, I will handle the situation at the center better. Mr Athan was about to leave when this man walked in. Ah..this was the man that gave me the envelope, he shouted. It is a lie! I screamed. It is true, ma, he is the one. It took all in me not to squeeze the man in my attempt to hug him. Of course I know him, no, not from Delicante’ days, it is the man my mind went to for he is the only one I could remember that bears the name. But he is the last person I expect that kind of gift from! Why?? Hm… It must have taken him a lot of sacrifice!! I have an idea what the home front is like, no I do not keep his account, but I know that he must have sacrificed a lot, he must have denied his family a lot. He simply said that he wished he could do more, but that I should use that to keep doing what I am doing. All I could say is and still say is thank you Lord for standing by me. It is things like this that give me confidence to say that God has a hand in what I am doing. We are putting money together for our rent of close to N2M, so a  donation of $1,000 is very timely and welcoming!

 As he left, a lady was waiting to see me. I sat at the reception talking with her and receiving children from their parents, it was just past 9 a.m. She wanted a job. She came on the recommendation of a friend, UC.  She will do the job, she said after I explained to her what we do and what I want her to do. I took her to meet with the children. She could not leave as she realized that we needed a hand that day. Sh said she came just to see and talk with me but there is no way she could go leaving just two of us with all the children, could she stay she asked, she could help with feeding and change of diapers. Hm..stay?? Please do, and she did.

Friday as early as 7.15 a.m she was at the center!  She did not close until about 5.30p.m when the last child left the center. I asked her if she could come on Saturday to help me look after Ziim while I go  singing. There is a thanksgiving mass and my choir is to sing at the mass. We all could go to the church,  I will like her to sit with Ziim in the congregation while I sing with the choir. She said it is not a problem she will come.

Saturday morning I woke up, instead of cleaning up and  doing my laundry as I should on Saturdays, I allowed myself some luxury! Can you believe it, I read and replied mails that have been outstanding. I let Ziim sleep till about 8.30 a.m giving me room to even watch t.v.  Took my time and prepared breakfast, no dry bread and tea. I made what oyibo would call cooked for myself, took time to separate the yolk from the white for Ziim’s scramble  egg, and made oat meal for her. I watched more t.v while having breakfast. Didn’t know some t.v stations show some good local comedy series on Saturday mornings!  I refused to notice my dirty and untidy bathroom. Then I called her. Could she come to my place at 10.30 a.m? Sure she said. And she came.

I will like you to stay home with \ziim while I go to church and come back. Ziim will be more comfortable at home. She had a  late breakfast so she nay not be too hungry by the time I get back in about 2 hours or there about. I ran through Ziim’s weekend routine; periodically placing her on the potty, I like to “air” her, sort of give her some freedom from all week diaper and it helps save some diaper meaning some money. She quickly understood.  I was watching her from the corner of my eyes, she looked round, she went into the bathroom, looked at the dirty laundry. I was watching her, more like looking from the corner of my eyes. She said, if she’ll be home, she will have to be busy, she will like to help wash the clothes. Hm…okay, but you are dressed for going out since I told you yesterday that we’ll be going out. Oh, I have a change of cloth. Really?    a

I showed her what to do with Ziim. Sit her on the chair, lie her on the prone position, put her on the side, put her on the potty every hour for 20 mins, she may not wee but it’s okay. I dressed, today I put brown powder on my face. Wondering why, I was not going to lift Ziim in or out of the car, no fear of staining her dress!

Was I glad I went? Yes because only two of us showed up among the sopranos.

When I came back, it was 2.45 p.m. My bathroom was C.L.E.A.N, my laundry done, everywhere scrubbed, even my bathroom windows were cleaned!!!  Could this be the carer I was dreaming of here? Too good to be true.

But you know what, it does not matter if it does not come true tomorrow, but for today, I am happy. And I say a big thank you to God.

Thank you God of Providence!!!  Thank you for a beautiful week!

What about you, what are you thanking God for this week? Please share.


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 1

  1. This piece is so nice it makes one realise what we all take for granted.I still beleive that all those angels in the bible did not have wings nor wore white garments.They were people like the man who dropped the envelope for you.May God continue to send angels to look after those little ones in your care, both directly and indirectly. Nonye just being able to enjoy a few hours of freedom seems to be much cherished.I like the philosophy of getting through one day before worrying about tomorrow. Some angels come only for temporary visit, or locum as we call it, but so what????


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