Thanksgiving 2 (thanking God for things He did not do)

This thing works oh, the lady whispered to me  as a man shared his testimony . I sowed a seed of N20,000 during that harvest  launch in May, and just as I asked the Lord, it came to pass, she said to with me, smiling. I praised God with her, as the members of the congregation rejoiced with the man who testified that the seed he sowed in May during the harvest launch yielded over  a double fold. Of course it does work, I said, I too sowed a seed, you remember when the priest called for people with illnesses that have defiled medical cure? I came out with my daughter and sowed a seed for her healing. Don’t worry sister, she will be well, God will do it,delay is not denial. To buttress her point, she shared with me some more testimonies . Sister, I said, I know what you mean,   He has done  it already, my daughter is fine, she is well, see how happy she is.

Happy Ziim at mass on Sunday

That is why we are here, to give thanks. She cast me this look of “abi this one dey craze”. Holding her hand, I told her that I have come to thank God for all the things I asked for that in His wisdom He did not do for me. This was at mass on Sunday, it was our thanksgiving and harvest.

It is customary to give thanks for prayers answered. When we tell people that our prayers have been answered or that God has done something for us, they want to “see” the answer. Like when I asked the sister I was talking with above what God did for her, she said she asked for a husband, and wait for it…she got one, not just any husband but one that lives in America, a dollar earning husband! Because of the fact that answered prayers should be SEEN, it is sometimes difficult for me to say to some people that God answers my prayers too, because to those people, the only need I seem to have is that Ziim should be “healed”.

I wonder if anybody gives thanks for prayers not answered, at least in the way we asked. You will never know how much I prayed for “this thing” to go away from my daughter. I prayed, did lots of devotions, employed the help of saints!! Only to realize that not only does my child still has Cp six years down the line, but hers is with profound disabilities! In the early days of the journey, when I realized that Cp has no cure, as in, it does not go away, I had prayed that Ziim’s be the mild type as there was no way of my knowing then the extent of her involvement. This prayer was not answered! Ziim has spastic quadriplegia Cp, partial complex seizure disorder. At 6 years, she is yet to achieve independent sitting, no functional use of hands, she is totally dependent for all activities of daily living (ADL). Herein lies the miracle. I thank God that she is that way for I know that He is making a higher demand on me, to make my faith grow. I have come to understand that when one’s faith grows, it develops into an instrument of provision for others. Due to the severity of Ziim’s condition, the CpCenter was started and today it provides a place where mothers can leave their children with Cp and go to work, rest assured that they are well taken  care of. The severity of Ziim’s condition has helped me to understand how so very much God wants us not just to totally trust and depend on Him, but also to be like Him. But for Ziim, I never may have fully understood how much He wants us to be co-creators with Him, the creator. I see that daily in the subtle but sure progress not just made by Ziim, but by all the other nine children in the CpCenter. It is not that God does not want to, as it were,  “heal” them, but He wants me to be a part of that miracle!

 So I thank you Lord for the blessings of trials and tribulations I pass through, the blessings of  my daily lifting Ziim a good number of times, they represent those things that you Lord did not do, well at least in the way I asked. I thank you Lord, accept my thanksgiving for they have helped to make me stronger, making me more conscious that I totally depend on you for Everything!


One thought on “Thanksgiving 2 (thanking God for things He did not do)

  1. Another pleasant read. I can’t but notice that Zim-Zim “seems” to have a better head control. A subtle milestone. I like her attire and her generous smile. Well done!!!


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