PAPA, Sleep On.


Today is five years since you shut your eyes. Coincidentally it was a Tuesday, just like today. As we prayed at mass today for you to continue to rest in peace, we did not fail to remember all our relations that have also passed on to the other side for we know that you always  never forget your relations.

Yes, we celebrated mass, just about the hour that you went into that sleep that you are yet to wake from. It was at that place that you were laid in state, the sitting room downstairs “Palour ani” as we call it. You know since you passed on, mama has left it almost like it was. After the mass we went to pray by your grave side, and of course sang that song; I am the bread of life.

 I wish I can tell you that we do not miss you, but that now would be untrue and I know that you could never stand falsehood. Though we do not talk about it, we miss you papa. You did so much for us. Not so much by the material things you gave us, but by those lessons which you gave us by your exemplary life, often unspoken but loud enough for them to remain indelible in our minds. You taught us the true meaning of love; that there cannot be true love without sacrifice. You made lots of sacrifices not just for your immediate family, but for extended family and beyond. You thought us the true meaning of brotherhood; it is bad to live in plenty while your brother lives in need. Lessons I daily wish every parent taught/teaches his children for our country would be better for it.  And that brotherhood transcends   sharing same parents. You taught us to give, not from our excesses, but from our needs. One does not wait until he has no need before he gives because the needs will always be there. You were truth personified! You abhorred lies! You hated injustices. Above all you were a man of peace. Any surprise that the town gave you the chieftaincy title “EZEUDO” literally meaning King of Peace.

As I go to sleep, I have no doubt that you are resting with the Lord for that is the promise He has for those who believe in Him. Today, I understand that you are with him, not because you are perfect, but that you were steadfast with him, you persevered till the end. You never stopped seeking Him. He said that blessed are the peace makers, for they shall see God. You were a peace maker, you were the voice for the oppressed, I know you are resting in peace in God’s presence. Do keep looking out for us for I know you are watching out for us! Sleep on papa, until we meet to part no more.