Ziim at birthday party

 When I got the invitation to the party, I was not sure I wanted to attend.  I was still trying to make up my mind when Ud called to ask if I got the I/V and if we  were going to be there. I said we’ll be there. Having said yes, it means I have to go. It was a child’s first birthday party. I was not sure I wanted to take Ziim.  Now that I think  of it, I do not remember Ziim attending any birthday party. That’s true, how come. No one has invited her. So this is actually the first time she is been invited to a birthday party and I was not sure I want to go. Why?

Sometimes, there is this feeling you get when you are “stepping out of your comfort  zone” sort of.  I knew that there was not going to be any other child with disability in that party and I was not sure how Ziim will enjoy the party. How will she  be part of the party? Why take her when she is not going to participate in the children’s activities. And she will not be able to eat the party food. I was making excuses or is it looking for excuses.  You know that Ziim is always well behaved and she loves going out. Stop making excuses.

 We went. I was glad we did.  Truth be said, in gatherings like this where you see children of different ages with your child sticking out like. … standing out like a star, it takes a lot for you to up your spirit. I was happy I was able to do that. Of course as you must have guessed we met all these people but trust me, I handled them all appropriately. Ziim made a new friend.  We had a  good time. I made sure she was not totally left out. I had to find a way to do that because I know that if I did not, no one will do that. I made sure she got all the party packs even when she was “forgotten”, I had to ask for hers.


udyparty 015


udyparty 004