Dare to Hope

Hope……….that feeling that expectations will be met, that what  is wanted will be had. Hope…that inner feeling that all will be well, that events will turn out  for the best!!!

It could be frightening to hope. To have hope takes courage for even in the face of events not turning out as best as hoped, I still hope. To do otherwise  is something I do not want to contemplate; that is to despair. No, I do  not want to do that, so I hope!

Sometimes it could be the simple ordinary things, everyday things that should be taken for granted. I work towards it, hoping that things will turn out well. Take for instance,  going for the Xmas holiday, I had hoped to be able to browse the internet and update my  blog, I took along my laptop, loaded my modem with data time (the network makes claim to have access from Ogbunike cave to Gurara falls, so access in my village will be like cone of ice cream, I thought). But that was not to be. No, that is not exactly true, yes there was service, but you just could not open a page! Daily I hoped that it would be better, but that was not to be. I hoped, everyday I attempted to browse, for almost three weeks, it never got better! Did I despair? No. I got back to Lagos, changed to another network, with hope that it will be better. Hope!!

Hope! There are times I could call it a liar, for how many things have I hoped for that are yet to come true– long after I have hoped.  In spite of that I have found hope  a wonderful companion in my journey with Ziim. Daily as her  “differentness”  becomes manifest and things that she ordinarily should do but is yet to do stare  me on the face, all I can do is to hope. I guess my father knew this characteristic of hope, “always hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst” he used to tell us his children. He knew that often that which you hoped for never happen. Plautus, the Roman play writer said that “things which you do not hope happen more frequently than things which you do hope”. True that is, so should I still hope? Wouldn’t it be better not to hope that way my hope is not dashed. Just forget about hope and get on with life. Like put hope in a bottle, cork it and get on with life??

No hope?? Ha.. that is despair isn’t? I should delete that word from  my vocabulary, for to despair to to sin greatly.

Hope. That is the garment I want to adorn all the time. Though it is a universal liar, according to Robert Ingersoll, it never ever looses  its reputation for veracity.

Thus as I march into the  year 2013, I dare to hope that the Lord will open new doors for me. That pathways will be created through the difficulties that are sure to come. I dare to hope that I see the Lord’s face on the faces I shall meet daily and that they see His face on mine bringing joy, happiness, peace and love.

I dare to hope!! My ship is marked HOPE….. what of yours?


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