It has been a while since I came in here, hm…yes I said so.  A lot has  gone  on but I won’t bore you with details. It has been a busy year. Everyday seem to be busier than the other, so much so that  I even made a prayer request for increase in the number of hours in a day. Now you see  why some prayers don’t  get answered…asking for the world to change instead of changing to suit what the one who knows best has made the world to be. Talk  of changing,  I need to do more of that for lots of things have remained as they were.

The Cpcenter resumed for the year, like you do not know that already. But what you probably do not know is that all the children resumed. Now, that is a bit scary, for what that means to me is that all the parents hold  me accountable to their children between the hours of 9 a.m and 4 p.m. As if that isn’t enough, more children joined us!!  Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy what I do, but sometimes it could be overwhelming. I often wish I could do more for the children knowing so much can be done with support and help, but I live on the hope that that needed support will come soon. From where, I do not know, but I know it will come.


 Semi is one of the new children.  She is two years. We have tried every trick to get out a smile from Semi. She just refuses to smile. She cries a lot. Favors only one position, actually two, lying on the supine position (lying on her back) and being carried. None of which we allow. The former for therapeutic reasons and the later to help her gain some independence, you cann’t keep being carried. I kept wondering why the constant crying. Then I undressed her, look what I saw.



I hate CP and what it does to children. How can a child smile with a body like this? CP, I hate you!! Anyway, we have started these exercises  on her and I hope and believe that in a couple of months we’ll see some positive changes.

Talking of positive changes, we saw that in most, albeit all the children. I think sometimes you need to be away from them for a while to see the progress they are making.  Particularly of note is Chidalu. Last year, she used to just be in her own world sort of. She hardly (don’t want to say she did not) play with toys or participate in group activities.  I observed that she now tries to respond when we “sing” and she actually reaches and plays with her toys now!!

that's chidalu on ziim's right

that’s chidalu on ziim’s right

You can feel how  happy I am! Can you believe the little things that make me happy? Yes! these are huge things if you live in our world. Wait for the day Ziim will achieve this mileinchestone of reaching for toys , I shall testify in the congregation of faithfuls, yes, I shall!. Ok, and here too!.

We received a lot of calls from people that had wanted to visit us at Christmas, but I made them understand that the children were at home with their parents. Did I add where they belong? Actually a lot of people thought, still think that CpCenter is a “home” for abandoned children (don’t blame them, isn’t that our mind set on children with disabilities). Once you talk of children with disabilities your mind goes to abandoned children in institutions. I took time to explain to them what we do, what CpCenter does and what she hopes to achieve. Yes, we do need support, but not with noodles and all that.

We got some interesting  visitors too. There was a lady that came with her children. The interesting thing is that one of the sons did not want to come into the Center. Why?? He did not want to see “those” children, he said. In his memory are images of children with disabilities he saw in a “home”, an institution that takes care of children with disabilities. I had to explain to them all that this is different. Choir members of St. Anthony’s Catholic Church sent a delegation to visit us too. I started by giving them a brief lecture on what the CPCenter is all about. It amazes me that a lot of people believe that children with disabilities are  only found in “homes” as abandoned children. Anyway, by the time I was through with my lecture, they had a better understanding and agree that such children are better off with their parents and siblings where they can receive a lot of love and attention.  They sang, prayed and played with the children, gave the center donation.

members of choir with Ayo

members of choir with Ayo

One of the times I have come to love at the Center is the closing time, we call it “go time”, when parents come to pick up their children or siblings come for their siblings. The happiness I see on the faces of the children erases any doubt in my mind that the children are better in their homes with love and support of their families. Go time is happy time, family time.

meso at gontime with her mum and baby sister

meso at go  time with her mum and baby sister

go time for Amina. See how happy she is.

go time for Amina. See how happy she is.





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