Learning From Ziim

 “Ziim is such a trooper!! See!!!She still plays. She makes a grimace when you touch her on that side quite alright but she quickly starts to laugh when you make funny faces at her. You can tell she is in pain but she carries on well, she still laughs and all that. She is such a trooper! Perhaps we need to learn from her; being strong, laughing even when we are pain” You may call that sermon according to my friend and sister, Aunty D, who I call my saro sister. Ziim loves her, she is her “play mate”. She knows not to try any serious matter like feeding with Ziim as Ziim would not allow that, she can only play with her. She gave me the above sermon Friday morning when she caught me carrying a long face. She knows what’s bugging me. Hm.. I know my baby is in pain! The way she flinches when you lift her tells you how much pain she is going through.

Friday Ziim was fine at the Center. She played and ate well. The biggest plus is that she sleeps well at night. 

Ziim and Amina Friday

Ziim and Amina Friday

Ziim and Amina Friday

Ziim and Amina Friday

lunch time Friday

lunch time Friday

I am being strong. Strong enough to admit that I do not fully understand. Strong enough to admit that I am a bit apprehensive. 

I am learning from Ziim too. To laugh through all these and believe that all will be well. God it has to be.



One thought on “Learning From Ziim

  1. Aunty wonderful piece, isn’t it interesting how we find the most valuable lessons in the littlest of things? Aunty you are doing a great job and just know that no matter what “ogadinma”


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