Weight Worry

As I put Ziim down on the chair, Aunty A commented that Ziim seems to have slimmed down.

Yes Aunty, I have observed that too. It actually is beginning to give me some concern. I am thorn between sticking to our present diet and going back to what she used eat, I added defensively. But she looks well. Yes, Aunty, I see that too, and she is hardly sick which is very important. For instance since the change in weather condition,  she has not fallen sick which is common with children at this time of the year.

It was lunch time, I had called that  we were coming over for lunch. I always like Aunty A’s Sunday lunch, it usually is a spread,  it’s been a while since we went over. I had Ziim ‘s food in her flask, so I turned it into a bowl. Will she eat all that? That was Aunty A. Let’s see how far she goes, I answered. She watched Ziim as she gradually ate all the food. That was a sizable portion of food there What was that?. It is the normal size she eats. That was sweet potatoes with shoko leaves and fish. Then she eats well, why does she appear this slim? I think it is more of what she eats than the size of the food.

Recently Ziim’s weight has become a source of concern, so much so that I always bring it up each time a friend comes  visiting. If she fails to notice/comment, I would go; look at Ziim very well,  she is very slim isn’t she, she is loosing weight eh?  Saturday, Mrs O visited and it was our main topic of discussion. What to do?  So when Aunty A observed it without my asking, I knew that she must have lost quite some weight. Just like I did with Mrs O the previous day, I reviewed with Aunty A what and how Ziim eats and the quantity.

Since we went on diet about nine months ago, I have remained committed to it. My aim was not to control her weight, far from that, it was never an issue, but to  see how that will help to reduce the frequency of her seizures. Since then up until now, we are yet to experience any grand mal seizure, is somebody happy for us? I have to look for the twitches to see them, mind you, they are there o o, but like I said, I have to look for them to see them, she definitely jerks less, mummy O even observed that when we paid her a visit not too long ago.

So what do we eat?  Like I said here, what I did and still do is remove all diary products from her food, no white flour, any cereal that has gluten and casein, (actually the only cereal left on our menu is oat meal)  she snacks on fruits and vegetable salad. I am sure you are wondering how she eats vegetable salad, ok, we blend it. We eat lots of beans, sweet potatoes and acha. lots of green vegetable, no red oil, lots of titus fish. Our milk is home made soy milk and recently added coconut milk of course not to forget ogi and moi-moi.

Ha, Nonye, this is healthy eating, it is difficult for anyone to gain weight on such diet. I think  what she did is shed off unnecessary fat. This is what she  should be like and it is good, in fact I should say well done.

But I still worry. My baby is thin!!


4 thoughts on “Weight Worry

  1. It might just be growth spurts. I would not worry too much since her dirt seems quite balanced. She’s fine.


  2. Yaay! on the reduced seizures! You go mummy and Ziim!


  3. How did you handle the seizures, when she had them frequently?


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